Cheap Car of the Day: 2007 Mazda3 I Touring

by recycler on October 1, 2015

When you are looking for a cheap used car to get you from place to place, back and forth to work or school, you don’t have to break the bank. You may not end up with something shiny and new, but that doesn’t mean you have to go rummaging through the junk yard in order to find something that fits your budge.

This 2007 Mazda3 I Touring is a perfect example. If you can save up some money, this great ride could be yours since it is priced under $5,000.

Listed at only $4,695, you can buy this ’07 Mazda 3 I Touring that has air conditioning (a must during the summer months), a CD player and power windows and locks. Even more importantly, it has a clean Carfax and runs well.

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Adopt a Pet: Paisley (Wire Fox Terrier)

by recycler on September 29, 2015

Paisley is a Wire Fox Terrier that is looking for a permanent forever home. Can you help out this beautiful little girl in her quest for dog adoption?

Paisley has already had a tough start to life after she was abused as a puppy. Who would ever want to abuse such a sweet girl is beyond us. She was born March 24, 2014. She is a petite and very pretty Wire Fox girl with a pretty face and brown eyes. She is very sweet but because of the abuse is also very timid and loud noises or unfamiliar people will make her shy away. [click to continue…]


Cheap Car of the Day: 1996 Eagle Vision

by recycler on September 21, 2015

Does you need solid vehicle that will get you back and forth to work? Maybe you have a teenager in need  of a starter car that won’t be ruined by a door ding or two? You may be in luck then. Here’s a great cheap used car. This 1996 Eagle Vision is listed for only $700 and still runs great.

It does have some rear end damage, but it is purely cosmetic. This ’96 Vision runs great and will do the job you need. This gray Eagle Vision has cruise control, a driver and passenger airbags along with power locks and windows. It also has a rear defroster to help with those morning commutes. This should be a great commuter car — cheap on gas and easy to park.

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Adopt a Pet: Rosie (Gray Tabby)

by recycler on September 18, 2015

Do you enjoy a good feline snuggle? Then lay your eyes on this perfect little snugglebug Gray Tabby cat that is just waiting for you to come around and offer her cat adoption!

Rosie is an adorable, little sweetheart that is looking for a new forever home. This adorable kitty is only four weeks old! A Good Samaritan saw someone abandoning her in a tree and rescued her. [click to continue…]


Cheap Car of the Day: 1999 Ford Mustang

by recycler on September 15, 2015

Cheap 1999 Ford Mustang

For less than $5,000, you could be cruising around in this great looking 1998 Ford Mustang. Put the top down and take a drive down the coast, if you live near the ocean, or take it for a fun stroll through the mountains where you’ll get a chance to enjoy its driveability as you take curves with a smile on your face. This is a cheap used car that is ready to go have some fun.

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Cheap Car of the Day: 2003 Infiniti G35

by recycler on September 9, 2015

Cheap 2003 Infiniti G35Even if you are on a limited budget when looking for a new ride to take home, you can still be classy. Maybe you can’t drive home from the lot with a Bentley or a Rolls Royce, but that doesn’t mean you have to settle for a 1970s Ford Pinto.

You don’t have to be a reality TV star or sell a kidney to drive a BMW or a Mercedes. We’ve highlighted that in the past on the recycler blog, but you can also look for other cars that may not have the same reputation as Beamers and Benzs. Instead of trying to get a car featured in a rap song, why not take a look at an Infiniti?

Infiniti’s are undervalued as quality luxury cars, which make them a great buy if you are looking for classy cheap used car. This 2003 Infiniti G35 sedan is listed for less than you think, yet is just as sleek as many of the cars listed above. [click to continue…]


Adopt a Pet: Cowgirl (Hound-Pit Bull)

by recycler on September 1, 2015

Adopt a Dog: Hound-Pit Bull

If you are looking to adopt a dog, you can stop looking. Cowgirl is an adorable hound-pit bull mix that is looking for a new forever home.

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Adopt a Pet: Itachi (Jack Russell Terrier)

by recycler on August 6, 2015

Adopt a Dog: Jack Russell Terrier

Look at that adorable little smile! Itachi the Jack Russell Terrier is obviously already very happy and excited to meet you. He naturally wants to be your friend.

If you are looking for to adopt a dog, how could you resist that face? Itachi is cute, adorable and ready for a new foster home or forever home.

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Cheap Car of the Day: 2000 Honda Civic

by recycler on August 1, 2015

Cheap 2000 Honda Civic

For only $1,800, you could take home this great looking 2000 Honda Civic. Or if you are feeling adventurous, throw some new times on this thing, drop it down about six inches and take it drifting around some corners ala Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift.

While that would definitely be fun, we don’t seriously recommend wasting the rubber sliding your car around, but this is seriously a tremendous buy. This is a cheap used car that you could take out and have some fun in, but more importantly (and more likely for your needs), it is a great daily driver.

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Adopt a Pet: Noodles (Flame Point Siamese)

by recycler on July 25, 2015

Adopt a Cat: Flamepoint Siamese

Who you looking at? You looking at me? Well if you are looking at Noodles, consider taking in this adorable flame point Siamese guy that is in need a new home.

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