Cheap Car of the Day: 2005 Suzuki Forenza

by recycler on October 31, 2014

Cheap 2005 Suzuki Forenza

If you are able to find a cheap used car, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve found a piece of junk. Sometimes you can gems, like this silver 2005 Suzuki Forenza, that is listed for less than $3,000. [click to continue…]


Clean Up Your Ship With Recycler Classifieds

by recycler on October 31, 2014

Do you have stuff strewn everywhere? Is there stuff piled upon stuff? Classified ads may be the way to go.

We're hoping the boat you live on is bigger than this. Otherwise, how are we going to have a party?

We’re hoping the boat you live on is bigger than this. Otherwise, how are we going to have a party?

If you have some stuff lying around like that right now, you need to clean your ship up. (I’m naturally assuming that you live on a houseboat. If it works for the Most Interesting Man, I can work for you as well.)

Now that you’ve decluttered one area and piled it all into another area…a “To-Get-Rid-Of area,” of course, you need to come up with some ideas of what you are going to do with this stuff. You have to decide what to do with all that stuff/junk/garbage/to-be-regifted/where did that even come from items. [click to continue…]


There was another automotive recall recently. But it isn’t brand specific.

Instead, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) put out a notice recalling 7.8 million vehicles potentially containing defective airbags.

Deployed Airbag

Photo: fuzzz/flickr

The vehicles in question feature Takata airbags and could potentially turn the thing that is supposed to save you in an accident into basically a small explosive device that would send shrapnel firing through you and your car!

Inside the Takata airbags, “inflator mechanisms in the air bags can rupture, causing metal fragments to fly out when the bags are deployed,” according to the Oregonian. The defect has been credited with causing four deaths.

But with Takata producing approximately 22 percent of the world’s airbags, there is a very good chance that you or someone in your family is affected. The nearly eight million vehicles affected are from all types of vehicles.

Honda takes the unfortunate bragging rights as the most affected automotive manufacturer during these recalls with more than five million affected vehicles, but they definitely aren’t the only ones.

Here is the list from the NHTSA of vehicle models that may have potentially deadly airbags: [click to continue…]


Cheap Car of the Day: 2004 Chevrolet Colorado

by recycler on October 29, 2014

Unfortunately, I can’t verify this listing, but I can tell you this is a great price for a cheap used truck if this 2004 Chevrolet Colorado is available for the listed price.

You’re definitely going to want to check this one out and see what this ’04 Colorado pickup is listed for.

Whether you are a huge fan of trucks or just occasionally need to transport stuff to and from with a truck, this is a great potential purchase.

This 2004 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 is an LS with a four-door crew cab. It comes with a clean 3.5L engine and the listing says it is in perfect mechanical condition.

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Jim Carrey Spoofs McConaughey Lincoln Ads on SNL

by recycler on October 27, 2014

Starring on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, comedic actor Jim Carrey gave yet another memorable performance.

Never one to take anything too seriously, Carrey made a couple of hilarious spoofs of Matthew McConaughey’s recent advertisements for the Lincoln Motor Company.

“Sometimes you’ve got to go back to actually move forward. And I don’t mean go back and reminisce or chase ghosts. I mean take a big step back…

“Like go from winning an Oscar to doing a car commercial.”

See Jim Carrey producing his best Texan-accent to represent Matthew McConaughey and Lincoln:


Ferrari Creates Invitation-Only Supercar

by recycler on October 27, 2014

The Ferrari 458 Spider the Sergio is based off of.

The Ferrari 458 Spider the Sergio is based off of.

Ferrari is in the midst of creating an ultra-rare, invitation-only supercar it is going to provide to only six people. Production on the Ferrari Sergio, as it is being called, is set to begin shortly.

The Italian automaker unveiled the Pininfirina-created concept for the Sergio at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show to celebrate 60 years of collaboration between Ferrari and Pininfarina.

But if you were hoping to own one of the six supercars, sorry Charlie. It’s already a little too late for that as a Ferrari spokesperson told CNBC the final orders are being confirmed with production set to start soon.

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Cheap Car of the Day: 2004 Chevrolet Malibu

by recycler on October 22, 2014

Need a car? Don’t have a lot of cash sitting around? No problem.

There are still some sweet deals to be found on cheap used cars, if you look in the right places. How about this 2004 Chevrolet Malibu? It’s both a cheap used car and a sleek-looking ride.

Could you see yourself behind the wheel of this used car for less than $2,000? Because that’s all it will cost you to take this ’04 Chevy Malibu home. Not only does it come ready to roll, but it also has the black-on-black paint and rims.

According to the listing, this cheap Malibu has around 200,000 miles, so you will want to make sure you take it for a test drive and have it thoroughly looked over before considering buying it.

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Helpful Classifieds Listing Hints

by recycler on October 21, 2014

We’ve all been to a local classifieds or auction or local online merchant listing and seen a listing that you just couldn’t believe how terrible it was. Not necessarily what ever was being sold or the price, but the actual listing itself.

The classified ad was sloppy, incoherent and made you question the person posting it’s intelligence, sanity, computer skills or all of the above.

Red Sold Classifieds SignLet’s make sure no one thinks that about your recycler.com local classifieds ad.

If you are using local classifieds, here’s a few simple tips to remember that will help make your classifieds stand out for the good…not the bad:

  2. dont write everything in lowercase use punctuation too no one wants to play the guessing game of trying to figure out how you were thinking to figure out what youre saying
  3. Add a picture. Does it cost extra? Do it anyways. A picture is worth a bunch more words than words tell you that a picture is worth. But you know…words could just be jealous though.
  4. Classifieds aren’t stocks, but pretend like you’re one of those richy-riches that has stocks…diversify. List your items in more than just one classifieds category, more than one publication or website. The more eyeballs, the better and the more likely you are to find the buyer of your dreams…or just one that will buy your stuff/junk/garbage/to-be-regifted/where did that even come from items.


Cheap Car of the Day: 2007 Dodge Caliber

by recycler on October 14, 2014

Can you believe that this 2007 Dodge Caliber is listed for less than $3,000?

This ’07 Caliber looks to be a great cheap used car, being listed at only $2,995. It has a slew of features as you would expect from a 2007 model crossover, but it also comes with a sunroof, keyless entry and also heated seats to keep your bum warm should you decided to pick this vehicle up from the Wallingford, Connecticut dealership in the winter for some reason.

This Dodge crossover is a great looking car with 161,000 miles on the vehicle. Check out this cheap used 2007 Dodge Caliber for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below: [click to continue…]


Cheap Car of the Day: 1993 Ford Ranger

by recycler on October 13, 2014

Cheap 1993 Ford Ranger

Here’s a great ride for cheap — a 1993 Ford Ranger only $1,500!

If you are looking for something that you can sub in for your daily driver to take the wear and tear off your regular car or a great first car for a teenager, this is a truck that you should check out.

This little blue ‘93 Ranger is great on gas mileage with a small four-cylinder engine. It’s a five-speed manual transmission light pickup truck.

Actually available for $1,499, this used truck comes with all-season tires already installed since it is in Prospect, Connecticut. It is a great-looking, cheap used truck, but check out this blue 1993 Ford Ranger for yourself and see what you think.