One Sweet Little Angel

by Kathryne on June 25, 2016

One Sweet Angelangel1

This beautiful 2 1/2 year-old female Boxer is not only sweet, but one of the happiest dogs you will ever meet! Angel is everything to love about a Boxer: playful, energetic, and delights in the opportunity to play with other dogs.

While she can be a little shy when first meeting people (especially men), she gets over it quickly and turns into a complete wiggle worm. Once she’s bonded with you, she’ll always be happy to see you! This is the kind of dog you can part waysangel3 to a different room with for 10 seconds, and the instant you return it’s like she hasn’t seen you in days!

Angel is quite the athlete and loves to play fetch and frisbee. She’s well trained and will sit for treats and lie on her back for endless belly rubs. She would make a great addition to any active family and an adventurous companion.

To learn more about this sweet little Angel, check out her page at http://www.recycler.com/details/55809269/angel-boxer-dog

If you aren’t familiar with Boxers and would like to know more about the breed, check out this Breed Bio:



Humphrey and his siblings were found abandoned at a low-income housing complex. A nice lady saw them and tried to keep the kittens, but ultimately she ended up needing to move. She called the Fat Cat Rescue where Humphrey has been residing ever since.

It’s easy to see he is a gorgeous boy, with a beautiful coat, and a nice ruff.  He is sweet, gentle, curious and friendly with other cats — he’s a lover, not a fighter!Humphrey3

Humphrey is also one of the most happy cats you’ll ever encounter, and will just walk around purring.  He also has a bit of a playful side and has done some pretty silly things in his various foster homes, like when his foster dad was out of the house, he unrolled the entire roll of toilet paper all over the bathroom.  He had a grand time and had lots of fun, and trained the human (he learned quickly) to put the toilet paper roll out of reach.

At the adoption fairs you can find Humphrey purring away and making biscuits, which is his signature thing to do!Humphrey 2

He is neutered, house-trained and up to date with shots.

Humphrey is an indoor-only cat and would do best in a quiet home.

Find Humphrey’s ad on the Recycler.com here!


Meet Bennett and Blue!

downloaddownload (1)

Bennett and Blue were rescued as kittens from the outdoors. Though these two are unrelated, they are brothers in every other sense of the word.

download (2)

Bennett is a domestic short hair cat and Blue is a Siamese. While these two are not related, they should be adopted together as littermates. Additionally, both of these sweet boys are intended as indoor-only kitties.

These two are a pair of exceptionally cute cats, proving two are definitely better than one!


If you are interested in adopting Bennett and Blue, check out there pages on the download (3)Recycler.com!

Bennett’s page

Blue’s page




Something about Rosie makes it difficult to avert your eyes.

At first glace there is a uniquely dark blend of tortoise-shell and calico that becomes more and more captivating the longer you take in the alternating patterns. Then, upon further inspection, you start to see the scars, the reminders of a harsh life that she carries with her. You start to wonder what kind of life must she have led, because those eyes have seen a lot more than the average house-cat.

For at least two years Rosie lived alone on the street constantly being attacked and beaten up by the larger un-neutered males in the neighborhood. Eventually a couple who recently bought a home there noticed Rosie and began feeding her. Immediately Rosie started staying close to their house and at night she would even follow the couple all the way around the block when they would walk their dogs. It rosie2became a ritual and was absolutely adorable.

Though Rosie was clearly desperate to find a bond with someone, even still she was too nervous to let them touch her. They put a blanket out and tried to provide a safe spot for her. She loved it, but at night she would get attacked by cats in the neighborhood and the couple would have to run outside to chase the other cats away. The couple persisted, trying to get close to her — and finally they caught her. They took her to the vet to find out she had cuts and scratches all over her from the other cats, but otherwise she was in good health. The couple would have adopted her in a heartbeat, but their larger dog is very aggressive towards new animals. They couldn’t bear to put her back out on the streets, so they had her in their guest room for now but it is very lonely for Rosie.rosie3

Rosie has been through a lot, but this is one cat that so deserves an amazing home. While still nervous with new people, all she wants is love and if someone is patient they will get a ton of it from her. As soon as she knows she is safe, Rosie blossoms into as great of a cat as anyone could ask for.

To learn more about Rosie, check out her page on the Recycler.com.

If you are interested in adopting Rosie, contact Julia at julia@adogsliferescue.org


The top racing speed of a greyhound: 45 mph. greyhound-04

This fast, graceful and agile breed has been cherished for centuries. Greyhounds have been man’s companions for such a long period of time that they are even mentioned in the earliest of ancient texts, including the Bible. Experts suggest that the breed dates back about 4,000 years to the heydays kingdoms of Egypt, Greece and Persia. Greyhounds became so revered by royalty, that they were often found in depictions of royal courts, and in some cases they were even found mummified in ancient Egyptian tombs, where they were preserved as companions for their former owners in the afterlife (there’s a great article on greyhound history here).greyhound2

The modern world, however, has not exactly been the highlight of the breed’s long and significant history. The dogs have been used for centuries in hunting and coursing events, but the advent of modern dog racing at the turn of the 20th century prompted greyhound bree
ders and racetrack proprietors to begin to think of this breed as a mere commodity. Greyhound racing continues to be a big business, generating millions of dollars in gambling revenue in the states that still allow it. Today, the cruelty of the industry is finally being exposed, and thanks to the resulting public outcry, the number of spectators attending greyhound races has declined. Unfortunately, the financial losses may be contributing to poor track conditions, which have caused a marked rise in animal injuries at some tracks.greyhound

According to an article from Peta, the injuries incurred by the racing of these dogs are heavy: “In a horrific example of the industry’s cruelty, in 2002 the remains of approximately 3,000 greyhounds from Florida racetracks were discovered on the Alabama property of a former racetrack security guard who had been ‘retiring’ unwanted greyhounds with a .22-caliber rifle for more than 40 years. The attorney for the accused said, ‘If there’s anybody to be indicted here, it’s the industry because this is what they’re doing to these animals. The misery begins the day they’re born. The misery ends when my client gets ahold of them and puts a bullet in the head.’” (Peta’s article can be found at this link).572e98459fc60.image


However, the Arizona Daily Star has reported a huge victory for anti-racing advocates in its article, “Legislation to close greyhound track would create need to place dogs.” The last dog racing track located in Tucson, Arizona has numbered days. While the last day of racing at Tucson Greyhound Park has not yet been made official, legislation passed unanimously by the Arizona Senate on Saturday means Arizona could soon sound its last call to the starting gate and join 39 other states in banning the sport. The Senate followed the Arizona House in unanimously approving the measure, which will now go to Gov. Doug Ducey greyhound3for his signature. Local rescue groups say they are already seeing more dogs coming out of the park for adoption, apparently as kennel owners anticipate the change.

While this is excellent news for what could hopefully become a nation-wide shift to banning the dangerous sport, there will also be many displaced dogs that will be in need of homes. The fate of more than 420 dogs will have yet to be determined.



The modern shopper is usually not one to spend hours upon hours browsing various stores, markets and sales when seriously looking for a particular item. Whether new or used, the way of thinking now is if you want something specific, there’s really only one place to look for it first: online! online shopping

Online shopping has skyrocketed in popularity among all generations.  Online shopping retail sales are predicted to grow steadily to $370 billion in 2017, up from $231 billion in 2012 (if you find astonishing online shopping statistics interesting, check out this article from CMO.com).  And why? Well anyone can answer that – to save time and money.

But just as the modern shopper has experienced the awesomeness of purchasing items online, they’ve usually also had the experience of purchasing something, well…. not so awesome. Saving time and money is not so helpful when the final result is disappointment. So this blog post is dedicated to all the ways we online consumers can efficiently bargain shop our way to success.

1. Explore the Uncharted Territory

Before you start buying, get familiar with the ins and outs of the site you are visiting. Some sites, like Etsy — where you can not only buy handmade items, but used items as well — are pretty straightforward. EBay can be a bit more complicated, with its variety of options for buying and selling and tricks to scoring the best stuff. Their Bidding and Buying Help page can help you get the lay of the land.Us-online-shopping3

2. Read the Fine Print

Before making a purchase, form a solid understanding of important details like shipping fees, shipping times and return policies. The information should all be accessible – read it so you know what you’re getting into.

3. Be Discerning

From the old guard like Craigslist to newer players like local re-selling marketplace Wallapop, most of these sites offer seller ratings or reviews. They are all a little different. But before you buy from someone,

Beautiful young woman shopping over internet.

Beautiful young woman shopping over internet.

try to figure out if this person is reliable. Look for top-rated sellers with reviews confirming quality merchandise, responsiveness and fast shipping times.

4. Look for a Quality Guarantee

While it’s pretty much a free-for-all on most of these sites, with sellers posting and selling their wares with no oversight, some sites, like clothing and accessories re-seller ThredUp, hand-select the merchandise on their site. If an item is less than perfect, the imperfection is indicated so you really know what you’re getting.

5. Know You’re Not Alone

Buying items from individuals may be unnerving, but most of these online marketplaces have protections in place to ensure you are a happy customer. A good example of this is clothing marketplace Poshmark’s Poshprotect, which does not release your payment to the seller until you give the A-OK. And if you’re unhappy, they make it fairly to return your order (it has to be for a good reason, not just because you changed your mind). Local re-selling marketplace OfferUp offers an extra layer of security with its TruYou verification system, which helps to ID the seller as a “trusted” user.

6. Meet Face to Face & Do It Safely

If you see something you like on a local re-selling marketplace like the Recycler.com, be sure to meet the seller somewhere secure – you are meeting a stranger after all! Some communities offer designated Craigslist sale zones outside fire or police stations specifically to ensure the safety of these face-to-face sales. You might consider bringing someone with you, and if that’s not possible, let someone know where you will be and when you expect to be home. Also, do not buy anything until you have thoroughly looked it over and tested its functionality.



There is absolutely no denying the irresistible cuteness of this little red and white spotted cutie. But don’t let looks deceive you — this sweetheart has an attitude much bigger than you’d expect!

One look in those big, brown eyes reveals an equally big heart in a mere 6-pound package! Holly is a 5-year-old Chihuahua-Rat terrier mix from Encino, California. While she may be small, this little girl has a personality that will have you chuckling at her quirky antics for a lifetime!

Holly is spayed, house-trained and has a sweet, gentle nature. While initially shy and tentative,  she soon warms up to her new surroundings to become a playful, talkative, tomboy who just loves to initiate play and tug of war and general mayhem with the other dogs in her foster home. With any new situation she finds along the way she will need a couple of days to adjust and for all that personality to shine through!

She knows “sit” and she loves treats (and baby carrots!), toys an
d SOCKS! She does not like to be leashed and has a fiery disposition despite her small appearance. She’s also a little leery of strangers while leashed. She is housebroken, adores her crate and will sleep in it all night without a peep. Holly loves being held and cuddled. She is quite the character — she likes to “talk” and when she wags her tail, holly3her whole body wags with it. Holly is a dominant dog who wants to be in charge, wants to claim her human and the resources in the home (dog bed, couch, bed, but thankfully no toy
s are loose in the home for now) so the tethering and more strict boundaries right now should help a bit.

For more information on adopting this sweet girl, check out her Recycler.com post at http://www.adoptapet.com/pet/14603879-encino-california-chihuahua-mix

For the right family, Holly will make the perfect companion who will love with all her heart and keep you laughing every day.


Meet Alex

by Paul Schraeder on May 11, 2016

There is absolutely no denying that Alex is one adorable pup! Though as we all know, personality can make or break how well a new pet can fit into your lifestyle – and fortunately for this handsome boy, he’s as sweet and playful as he is cute!

alexThis 5-year-old Poodle Mix is highly intelligent and bonds quickly to his humans (especially women!). Once he warms up to you, he is extremely loyal and affectionate. He’ll be the one in the crowd who watches quietly and observes, then all of the sudden transforms into the life of the party!

Alex is housetrained and good with other dogs. While he can be initially hesitant with men, Alex is smart and responds quickly to positive reinforcement– yes, he’ll do almost anything for a treat! He’s perfectly content to lounge around all day, but also loves walks which are made easy with his special harness. Exercise is a great way for him to burn off stress and anxiety, and also to bond with his human.
Poodles are highly intelligent and extremely trainable. While they have a reputation for their looks, you might be surprised to hear that they were actually bred to be do-it-all hunting dogs originating from Germany! Their long legs make them exceptionally athletic, and their eagerness to please has marked them as the ideal seeing-eye, service, and search-and-rescue dogs. To learn more about them, check out this video for a quick breed bio:

alex2Alex needs someone who is calm, firm and willing to implement very simple guidelines in order to help him succeed. He does have some separation anxiety and will bark when left alone and he may not be the best apartment dog because of this. For now, Alex would be best with an experienced owner and in a home without small children while he’s learning the basics. Given patience and a lot of love, Alex has unlimited potential to amaze and complete your family portrait.

Click here for more information.


Cheap Car of the Day: 1999 Nissan Sentra GXE

by recycler on March 5, 2016

Cheap 1999 Nissan Sentra

Looking for a great cheap used car? Here’s a great one available for you! This 1999 Nissan Sentra GXE is listed at only $2,500!

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Rescue pets are some of the most adorable creatures on the planet and they also can be some of the most grateful, if you are kind enough to take one into your home to give them a new home.

If you are looking for a furry friend and are located in Southern California, here is a great chance for you to make a new best pal. Below are five cute pets that have been rescued and are available for adoption near Los Angeles, California.

For more information about any of the pets below, click on the link or picture to be taken to the individual listing. If you are redirected back to our recycler search page, that means the listing has been taken down, which typically means that someone has already swooped up these adorable little guys. But with our search page, you can locate other rescue pets in the area using the various categories on the left hand side. [click to continue…]