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10 Reasons to Buy a Used Convertible

by recycler on March 8, 2011

You got your top pulled down...

If you’re looking to buy a used car and need a reason to at least take a glimpse at used convertibles for sale, look no further. That grumpy Ground Hog marmoset didn’t see his shadow this year so we know Spring is fast approaching. As the cold migrates north, why not enjoy the warmth and joy of the outdoors while commuting to work in a used Mazda Miata? Or cruising to your son’s baseball practice in a Honda S2000? Though there are countless reasons why your next car should be a convertible, we have listed the TOP 10 reason why you should be buying a used convertible.

10. The bugs you swallow in your new used convertible—top down!—will ad much-needed protein to your diet.

9. Roofs are foppish, useless contraptions; who needs ‘em? Why drive in a drab, stifling prison when you can drive in a fresh open breezy mountain meadow of awesome?

8. The wind in your hair (or scalp) is a feeling like no other. Unless you can run really, really fast, I guess.

7. You can get into convertibles without opening the door and without looking as ridiculous as NASCAR drivers going in through the window.

6. If it rains, you can get your morning shower in while commuting to work. Two Birds; One Unhygienic Stone.

5. Your pet giraffe can ride shotgun, no problem. Or, now you have no excuse NOT to buy a pet giraffe. We know you want one…

4. You can get much-needed sun after spending hours in your basement playing World of Warcraft (and you’ll prove to everyone you’re not a vampire. Two Birds; One Twilight-Sparkling Stone)

3. Being stuck in a traffic jam is basically like a day at the beach, kinda, sorta.

2. You’ll finally look cool wearing that scarf.

1. Convertibles are just like any other used car, only better. Infinite head room, incredible fun, and you can usually buy them for half off (get it!?).


Check out our blog on Things to Consider When Buying a Used Car—or if you are of the fairer sex see our guide for women buying used cars—to learn how to begin buying your new used convertible today!



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