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BMW Recalls 1.3 Million 5 and 6 Series

by recycler on March 27, 2012

All 2003-2010 BMW 5 & 6 Series are being recalled.

German car manufacturer BMW announced earlier it is recalling all BMW 5 and 6 Series models built between 2003 and 2010.

The recall, which will affect approximately 1.3 million vehicles, is in response to the discovery that the vehicles’ battery cable cover could cause the car to have electrical system malfunctions and set fire to the car.

BMW said the cable covers may have been mounted incorrectly, causing the problem. However, the company said it is “not aware of any accidents or injury to persons resulting from this fault.”

Owners of the last generation 5 and 6 Series models will be receiving a letter in the mail, requesting them to go to an authorized BMW dealer for a repair that should only take 30 minutes.



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