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Buying a Used BMW 3 Series

by recycler on March 21, 2013

Buy used.

Looking to buy a used BMW 3 Series? Well look at you Mr./Mrs. Fancy Pants! You obviously have exquisite taste and just received a work bonus. Or maybe you have a little extra dough lying around the house or condo or penthouse or wherever rich people live.

Honda Civics and Toyota Corollas are always going to be out there for cheaper, even though there are some great used used BMW 3 Series cars out there for relatively “cheap.” There’s nothing wrong with Civics or Corollas, but if you have the money for a Beamer, why would you want a thrifty, economic Japanese car made for the masses when you have the option to purchase German performance and engineering with the BMW 3 Series?

You get what you pay for. Am I right?!? Getting from A to B is important, so why not do it in luxury and style. If you are in the tax bracket that can afford it, buying a great BMW 3 Series is well worth the money. And by buying used, you will save money, so you can save a little money while still being classy. Besides the BMW 3 Series’ performing better and being engineered better, they also look great and will turn heads, even if they are a few years old.

The BMW 3 Series is in its sixth iteration after being introduced as a more economical luxury car in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis. The original E21 was a two-door luxury sedan provided an economical, yet prestigious vehicle.

Since the E21 (1975-83), the BMW 3 Series has consisted of the E30 (1983-91), E36 (1991-2000), E46 (1998-2005), the E90 (2005-11) and the newest generation, the F30 edition, that was introduced in 2012.

So pick up a used BMW 3 Series and then start picking up your friends, family and dates because everyone is going to want to ride with you!



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