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Cool Car of the Day: 1934 Ford Street Rod

by recycler on October 2, 2013

1934 Ford Street rod

The street legal hot rod or street rod is a development of classic cars that occurred slowly over several years. As early as the 1920s, enthusiastic car owners were stripping unnecessary parts off their cars and beefing up their engines to make them go faster.

Hot rodding cars continued through the 1940s and 1950s, but the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) had to be formed in 1951 due to the dangers of the street racing that typically was partaken by hot rod drivers.

By the late 50s, hot rods and street rods began to separate with the NHRA sponsoring drag races and becoming the official governing body of the Funny Car and Dragster racing circuits.

Modern engineering made hot rods much too fast for street racing, so hot rods had to develop their own safety systems and developed in a different direction from street rods, which maintained their status of being street legal.

Some owners preferred the hot rod looks without the extremely dangerous speeds of the Funny Car and Dragster vehicles that became commonplace at the drag strips. These became the beautiful custom street rods that are still around today, such as this 1934 Ford Street Rod with its white and purple two-tone paint job.

Want to see what this street rod might have looked like originally? Check out this original Australian advertisement for a 1934 Ford:

Australian 1934 Ford advertisement

Photo: Five Starr Photos (flickr user: aussiefordadverts)

The listing for this classic 1934 Ford Street Rod doesn’t have many details. It does list having air conditioning, an eight-cylinder engine, alloy wheels and only 16,000 miles. What do you think? Is it worth the listed asking price of $30,000?

For the complete listing and contact information, check out this 1934 Ford Street Rod and many more used cars at recycler.com.



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