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Cool Car of the Day: 1959 Ford Ranchero

by recycler on November 14, 2012

It’s a car. It’s a truck. It’s a car/truck. Whatever it is…the Ford Ranchero is original.

The first of its kind, the Ford Ranchero model was produced from 1957 to 1979 and did well enough that Chevrolet spawned its own car/truck in 1959. Each of the various Ranchero iterations were patterned after one of the Ford car lines. This 1959 model is styled after the full-sized Ford Fairlane.

According to the ad, it is one of the higher end “Longhorn” editions and has a 223 cubic inch, six cylinder engine with a three-speed manual transmission. It also says it features all new glass, tires, exhaust, wheels, brakes and battery. “Run’s Great And is All original–Daily Driver Classic!!! Last of the Full Size Ford Ranchero’s”

The seller is asking $9,250. What do you think of this hybrid car/truck?



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