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Cool Car of the Day: 1977 Ford Ranchero

by recycler on November 13, 2013

Before there was the El Camino, there was the Ford Ranchero. The Ford Motor Company had been putting truck beds on the back of sedans that had been truncated behind the seat since the Model A and Model T days.

While this styling didn’t continue in America after the Model T, it still was done on occasion for models overseas. But in 1956, Ford decided to bring back the idea of a car/truck or truck/car (depending on how you want to look at).

The sedan with a light-duty pickup bed was reintroduced to the American markets and continued through 1979. Though Ford continued producing the Ranchero for Cuban and later Argentinian markets all the way up to 1991.

Here is a look at a 1977 Ford Ranchero being test driven:

This 1977 Ford Ranchero is listed at $12,000. It has been reconditioned with some extra muscle and a camper shell.

It is a very nice and clean street machine that has a “tow package, custom paint louvered hood, new tires, new Cragar wheels, headers w/dual exhaust, a new motor with Edelbrock manifold and Holley carburetor, new cam, pistons, rings, ported and polished, new shocks, custom shell and more.

Do you think it’s a good deal?

1977 Ford Ranchero



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