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Cool Car of the Day: 1981 Ford Stepside Shortbed Pickup

by recycler on December 3, 2012

Growing up in the Deep South, pickup trucks were necessary and quite prevalent. The same is the case in the Pacific Northwest where this nice 1981 Ford Stepside Shortbed Pickup is located.

I’m a huge fan of this truck because my father had a faded blue 1980 model throughout my childhood. My dad’s truck was the vehicle I most equate with my youth. I remember riding everywhere in it.

That truck was as reliable as they come. It went everywhere…did everything…and always continued to motor through like it was nothing.

The Ford F-Series pickups have spent around three decades as America’s top selling vehicle and the durability and reliability is why. The slogan “Built Ford Tough” may not apply to notoriously bad cars like the Escort and Taurus, but if there’s one thing Ford prides itself on, its the F-Series trucks.

This 1981 Stepside version has a “small block 300cc, 6cyl, 4 speed transmission. Nice wheels and tires.” Listed at $1600, do you think it’s a good deal or is it just too old to be relied upon?



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