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Cool Car of the Day: 1988 Alfa Romeo Spider

by recycler on November 27, 2012

The Alfa Romeo Spider is one of the classic auto designs. It is one of the longest tenured, least-changing car designs. From 1966 to 1993, the Spider was manufactured with minimal design changes.

The car became a classic early in its production life thanks to its famous appearance in the 1967 film, The Graduate, when Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, drives back and forth all over California searching for his love, Elaine, only to run out of gas on his way to the church where he intends to stop Elaine from marrying.

To honor the movie that helped the Spider rise to fame, Alfa Romeo released a Graduate model during the third series of Spiders. With less luxury amenities, manual windows, vinyl seats and top, and steel wheels rather than alloy, the Graduate model was a cheaper entry-level Alfa Romeo, such as what a recent graduate might be interested.

This 1988 Spider is a Graduate model. It comes with the same engine and tranny that the other Spider models had, but you’ll have to use your own power to roll up the windows. That shouldn’t be a deal breaker for this little beauty because it is such great condition. According to the listing, it is “all original, one owner.” It also says the car hasn’t been in any accidents.

It is listed at $3500. What do you guys think of the 1988 Spider Graduate? Will you be putting the top down a cruising around your home state like Hoffman or are you too afraid that Mrs. Robinson might be out there?



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