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Cool Car of the Day: Barris Dune Buggy

by recycler on November 17, 2013

George Barris is the king of car customization, having created the likes of the original Batmobile, the Clampett’s Oldmobile for The Beverly Hillbillies, later versions of KITT for Knight Rider and several other Hollywood custom rides.

Barris was the car customizer not only for the cars the stars drove on the screen or TV, but also for the stars’ own personal rides. Barris customized vehicles for Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Sonny & Cher, Bob Hope, Elton John and several others.

George Barris T-Bucket Dune BuggyAfter a celebrity came to him to customize a dune buggy, Barris saw an opportunity to design and produce a buggy with a unique style that he could market and sale as his own with his Barris Manufacturing Company.

Barris moved away from the typical look of the dune buggy of the day and relied more on the old custom Model T hot rods known as the ‘T-Bucket.’

From the Dune Buggy Handbook:

With period-style flat fenders, dropped sides, and a long, sloping front hood capped with a radiator shell, the buggy was a total departure from the usual. Carriage-type front headlights and side lamps adorned the front, and leather straps were added as mock hold downs for the hood.

This Barris Dune Buggy has a 1966 Volkswagen chassis with a 1970′s body. This red machine has a 1600cc engine.  It is street legal with current tags. It runs strong and is VERY EYE CATCHING.

Earlier this year, it was restored with new red paint, a custom cut pile carpet throughout the entire cab, a new Bimini roof and roll bar. There were dual all-weather rear speakers added with the AM/FM/CD radio. It got a new battery, along with a fuse box to pull type fuses, while the distributor was upgraded to electronic.

Other additions and upgrades: new shift kit, Borch coil, new chrome exhaust system, off-road-approved Empi muffler, new black-rimmed tires that only have 62 miles on them, valve and air shock adjustments, new plugs, oil compression check and new bucket seats with seat covers and extra padding.

The listing says it is discounted to $10,200 for a quick sale, but other offers will be entertained. What do you think about this Barris Buggy?

(Here’s some extra Barris Dune Buggy video, in case you’ve never been around one:)



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