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Heavy Commuter? Look For These Used Cars

by recycler on May 6, 2013

AAA’s estimated driving costs.

According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), the average American has a commute that takes more than 25 minutes each way. Naturally, as Americans, the majority of us believe we are self-sufficient and drive to work.

In fact, AAA says 86 percent of Americans rely on driving their vehicle to get them to and from work each day.

With gas prices constantly putting pressure on our wallets, it’s important to have a good, reliable and economic commuter car if you have to make the daily trek to the office or out to job sites. Here’s some of our picks for used cars you can buy for cheaper and will be a good commuter investment:

1. Honda Civic – The Civic is a tried and true veteran of the hard-working, heavy-commuting over-achiever. Do more with less.

2. Toyota Corolla – If there’s one car company that knows fuel efficiency, it’s Toyota. We’re picking the Corolla for this list because of it’s ability to fill so many needs/desires in a commuter car. It’s not the super small Mini, Smart ForTwo or even Toyota Yaris, so you can carry a couple of passengers comfortably and cruise along quicker in the carpool lane.

3. Chevrolet Volt – Going for environmentally friendly as well? The Chevy Volt is the commuter car of choice. You may have to pay a little more for the Volt than a couple of the other cars on this list, but once you’re getting 90-100 miles per gallon while making your daily commute, you will forget about that.

4. Honda Odyssey – Does your heavy commute include dropping the kids off at school and swinging by to grab co-workers? The Odyssey is your commuter choice. Roomy and comfortable, you’ll appreciate the Odyssey’s commute-ability when your co-workers vote you employee of the month…every month.

5. Ford Fusion Hybrid – Ford wasn’t really known for its ability to be fuel efficient recent forays with the EcoBoost engines in the Fusion and Flex models (among others). The Fusion Hybrid gives you great miles per gallon while still being a roomy and semi-luxurious sedan.

6. Kia Sportage – If you are a SUV fan, but are concerned about the fuel efficiency, we’re recommending the Kia Sportage. Find a Sportage with the all-wheel-drive package if you routinely have to commute in bad weather. Safe and reliable.

7. Audi A4 – For the boardroom and business on a budget type, there is the Audi A4. It’s luxurious and also economical. The A4 has a much lower starting price than any Mercedes with the same type of comfort and ride. Good fuel economy is also part of the allure.

8. Fisker Karma – Stuck making a daily commute, but still want to turn heads? How about the car owned by Justin Bieber, Will Smith and many more celebrities. As a “plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan,” the Karma gives you class, speed, economy and it’s environmental. If you can afford the $50,000-100,000 upfront costs, the Karma is the commuter you’ve been looking for.



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