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How To Create the Best Classified Ads for Used Cars

by recycler on August 10, 2010

Make it shine!

When you are selling your used car, you want to advertise it the best you can. Though there are many different ways to advertise a used car, we are going to provide some insight on how to create the best, most efficient classified car ads.


Quite possibly the most important aspect of a good classified car ad is clarity. You want any potential buyer to be able to read your ad quickly and easily. Abbreviations are a great way to maximize your ad’s content, but it is recommended that you do not do this at the expense of quality. Also, it is a good idea that you only include “need-to- know” information about your used car. In addition, try to write the ad so that it answers all the questions a buyer will want to ask. Clearly state the year/make/model, the mileage, and the condition.

After you have clearly stated all the need-to-know features, you can then decide on extra features that might better sell the vehicle. Some examples include: color, drivetrain, doors, trim, interior color/fabric, and any customizations or work done to the car.


Most used car classified ads are going to limit how much room you have to advertise your car, especially if the ad is going into print. Due to this, it is a good idea to keep the ad short and to the point. The more concise you can be the better. Just write as much as you need to get a buyer interested without misleading him or her. You can discuss specifics with the buyer after initial contact. You can use abbreviations, but like we said above, make sure the ad is still legible and comes across as professional. This instantly builds “cred” with any potential buyer.


If you have followed our tips up to this point, your classified ad should already be looking clean, concise, and professional, but if you muddle things up with abbreviations you could lose the whole effect. Further, the car and price should be enticing enough, so we would advise against excessive use of exclamation points. They can come across as amateurish.


If you have the option, include a photo with your ad. Words can only go so far and they can’t always be trusted. A picture, on the other hand, shows it all. You want a picture of the entire car in great lighting. Shadows can sometimes look like structural or paint damage and close-ups will leave buyers asking what was left out of the photo.

Contact Information:

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it is very important that the ad contain some sort of contact information so buyers have a way to reach you. The best ad in the world will do you no good if buyers have no way to get in touch with you.



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