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Go With an RV…For Family, Friends or Business

by recycler on May 8, 2012

Travel in style with an RV.

Recreational vehicles are not just something for retired senior citizens. Instead, they can be a great tool for a fun-filled family vacation.

With the summer starting and Memorial Day weekend coming up next week, now is the perfect time to spring on a deal and buy the family an RV.

Depending on your family size and needs, you could go with something as small as a camper or as large as the charter and tour buses used by music artists and athletic teams.

When would you use an RV? Here’s 5 perfect opportunities…

1. Family vacation – Gather the crew up for some family fun without having to try to stuff everything in the car trunk, between the seats and in the laps of everyone traveling. Instead of the kids constantly pestering you from the backseat, they’ll be able to sit on the couches watching television or play board games on a nice level table.

2. Group adventure – Why not call up your five best buddies that you don’t always get to see and do a crazy road trip to see your favorite band in multiple cities or travel to five or six different baseball stadiums in a week? You are your friends could just be heading to the mountains for a weekend of camping and hiking. Wherever you decide to go, it’s going to be a great time.

3. Temporary housing – If you are having your home fumigated or having serious renovations done, you should consider living in an RV. Depending on where you live, you may be able to park the RV in your driveway and be able to keep an idea on the work being done. Not only will you be able to sleep on your own sheets and lay your head on your own pillow, but it will be cheaper than staying in hotel throughout the entirety of the ordeal.

4. Mobile office/Business trips – Similar to needing an RV for temporary housing, an RV is a cheaper alternative for a mobile office or business trips than having to stay in hotels constantly. The RV can also keep costs down if you have a larger product that you want to bring and showcase, so you don’t have to pay shipping costs and have to worry about it being lost by the airlines or postal service (depending on how you try to get it there).

5. Tailgating – This is my favorite use of the RV. Having an RV for the big football game or NASCAR event means you are almost assured of being the life of the party and center of attention. Especially if you make sure your recreational vehicle has properly working satellite television, everyone is going to stop by to check out the scores and action from around the country that they may not be seeing. You’ll also have access to refrigeration, a kitchen and electrical outlets that will have others envious.



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