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Things to Do Before Selling Your Used Toyota Camry

by recycler on March 15, 2013

Fix her up first.

Congratulations! You’ve decided to sell your used Toyota Camry. That’s awesome. Now you can go out and get something new. Maybe you already have your eyes on something, but first you have to sell your car and even if you think there are some interested parties, there are some things you’ll need to do before you sell your used Toyota Camry.

The first thing you’ll want to do, if you haven’t already, is to clean up your used Toyota Camry. Get rid of all those Taco Bell wrappers and clear out the floorboard of all those Mountain Dew and energy drink cans.

Break out the Armor All wipes and rub all that dirt and crud off the dashboard and center console. Or if you’re lazy like me, take your Camry in and get it detailed by a professional. It’s done better than you would have done it and you don’t have to spend all day working on it.

This may seem like a waste of time and/or money, but people are not only buying a car but the appearance of the car. If the interior and exterior don’t look good, then potential buyers are going to think the car has been run down and not taken care of.

Also, get rid of kitschy stuff that you’ve put in the car or on the bumper over the years.  You don’t want to remind a potential buyer that it is your car, but you want them to look at it as what it’s going to be for them in the future.

Finally, check with your state laws about smog regulations. Many states, like California, require used cars to pass smog tests before the car can be registered or before the title can be transferred. If your state has those requirements, you’ll want to smog your used Toyota Camry to make sure you comply.



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