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Top 2013 Pet Super Bowl Commercials

by recycler on February 5, 2013

With around $3.8 million invested in a 30-second time slot, companies realize they must reach a broad audience with an entertaining and/or thought-provoking Super Bowl commercial.

Advertising agencies know one of the classic attractions is animals. That’s why every year you see animals, particularly dogs, featured prominently in commercials throughout the year and especially the Super Bowl.

Dogs are typically the top pet because they teeter the sexual divide. Men think of dogs as man’s best friend while women find them adorable. But this year, other animals took top billing rather than dogs.

Yesterday, we checked out all this year’s Super Bowl car commercials. Today, we take a look at the spots that featured animals.

There were twelve advertisements that at least briefly gave a glimpse of an animal. However, six of spots only had brief appearances, such as a bear being wrestled by a young boy, so we stuck with the five where animals play key roles.

The five commercials are listed below in order of rating (according to NFL.com’s Super Bowl commercial ratings):

#2 Budweiser Brotherhood – There’s a special bond between animals and those that raise animals:

#6 Doritos Goat 4 Sale – Never move food supplies without getting your pets’ approval:

#17 Skechers GOrun – It must be the shoes…:

#25 Cars.com Drama – Stay away from over-protective mothers, even if the puppy is adorable:

#48 Beck’s Sapphire – Any usage of Blackstreet songs is alright with me…though not sure why Beck’s chose this animal:

Old Spice Wolfthorn – “My…what big, snarling shoulders you have.” “The better to intimidate you with.”:

Which was your favorite Super Bowl commercial???



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