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How the Toyota Recall Affects Your Decision to Buy a Used Toyota

by recycler on November 17, 2010

The Toyota Recall and You!

What is the Toyota Recall? And what vehicles are involved?

We can tell you what the Toyota Recall isn’t—it is not a terrible movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger about Mars and memory tampering…

What is the Toyota Recall then? We can tell you that, too.

Earlier this year Toyota announced a large recall, affecting many makes and models from different years, involving the accelerator pedal sticking due to built up friction caused by natural wear and tear. But before delving into how the Toyota Recall affects your decision to buy a used Toyota, it’s important to understand which vehicles are included in the recall.

The following is the initial recall list: 2005-2010 Avalon; 2007-2010 Camry; 2009-2010 Corolla; 2010 Highlander; 2009-2010 Matrix; 2009-2010 RAV4; 2008-2010 Sequoia; and 2007-2010 Tundra.

The total sum of vehicles affected is around 2.3 million, but understand that, as you shop for a used Toyota, this number just reflects the number of vehicles that have the potential for this problem; the actual recorded number of cases is very small and the probability of it happening to you is low. Had to be said.

How the recall affects buying?

This recall was to address a very rare occurrence involving a sticking accelerator pedal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. It also doesn’t mean you are deliberately putting your family at risk by purchasing one of the affected Toyotas. You can take your used Toyota in for the fix as soon as you buy one, which will be completely covered by Toyota, if is has not already been fixed (something you may want to think about ask during the buying process).

Now that we’ve covered safety end of thins, we can discuss what this recall could really mean: great deals! With a recall this public and this large, there is a certain amount of fear and doubt involved, a natural result of combining not-enough-facts with just-enough-publicity. With this fear and doubt will come the inevitable price drop of used Toyotas, maybe even for Toyota models not affected by the recall. Equip yourself with the power of knowledge, a mind for safety, and cash in! Now’s the time to buy a used Toyota.

Furthermore, this recall came just months after another Toyota recall involving the floor mats of over 4 million vehicles. As long as you know the risks and the steps to take to correct them (Toyota has been upfront about the entire situation and are very helpful in ensuring their vehicles are safe, at their own expense), you can purchase a used Toyota for a steal!

Take the vehicle in to get fixed, even before symptoms.

This is not something to put off. Toyota has gone into details about the problem and provided information on how their engineers fixed it (reinforcing the pedal with a steel bar) with great proven success. You can get the vehicle fixed before it shows any signs that it is malfunctioning in the first place!

What to do you if notice the accelerator sticking?

If you do purchase a used Toyota in the wake of this recall (for cheap, cheap, cheap!) or haven’t yet taken the vehicle into the shop, and you notice the accelerator sticking (chances are it won’t be sudden, but instead will gradually show signs of sticking more and more over time and use) then pull the vehicle over and contact Toyota for assistance. This advice comes straight from Toyota.

If your accelerator sticks while driving, press the brakes firmly with both feet (don’t pump the breaks), shift into neutral, pull to the side of the road and contact Toyota for assistance.

You can learn more about the recalls at Toyota’s website:





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