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Upgrade Your Used Ford F-150

by recycler on March 19, 2013

Just the time to upgrade.

If you have a used Ford truck, then you now how consistent and reliable the best selling trucks in the country are. But now is the time…the time to trade that used Ford F-150 in! Why would you ever want to do that? Well, to upgrade of course.

Ford extended its premium lineup with a new 2013 Platinum series, giving you 11 different trim levels to choose from. The Platinum series trails only the Limited with a $46,450 manufacturer’s starting retail price. It comes with just about every whamdoodle, whizzle-do-hickey and plenty of razzmatazz. It has pretty much everything you could want and several things you probably would never think to ask for.

So check recycler.com and check your local Ford dealership to take one of the new F-150s out for a spin. Then when you decide just which trim package is right for you, trade in your used Ford F-150 and pick up a brand spanking new 2013 model, maybe even the Platinum series Super Duty.

I know you are looking forward to the new car smell you’ll be engulfed in as you pull away from the dealership with your brand new F-150. It’s going to be awesome having an ultra-comfortable and luxurious ride and still having the performance and reliability that make Ford trucks hold their resale value for so long.

It’s the best of both worlds! You get comfort, dependability and performance — things that may have passed by your used Ford F-150 you’ll be getting rid of.



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