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Take Advantage of Back-to-School Shoppers

by recycler on August 8, 2013

Take advantage of back-to-school shoppers. (Photo: USAG-Humphreys/Foter)

Take advantage of back-to-school shoppers. (Photo: USAG-Humphreys/Foter)

The lesson plans are written out. The renovations have been completed. The teachers have enjoyed their last days of freedom.

It’s that time of year again as students are on their way back to school.

Though most students dread the end of the summer and beginning of the school year, there is one thing most students look forward to doing — back-to-school shopping.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a chance to update your wardrobe, grab a shiny pair of new shoes and pick up a new style bookbag? Back-to-school shopping is one thing kids can rally behind in August.

Even though I’m not in school any more, I like to treat myself to a new outfit in honor of the new school year. And I’m one of the most anti-shopping people you’ll meet.

So if an anti-shopping person like myself is willing to do a little back-to-school shopping, you know there are tons of people that are doing much more than buying just one new outfit.

That means there’s a great opportunity to market your product or service to these back-to-school shoppers. Think about having a deal that will bring in new customers.

Buyers know that one of the great things about online classified sites like recycler.com is that there are always some great deals. So when the back-to-school shoppers come to recycler, don’t disappoint them. Have something they are looking for or something they didn’t even know they were looking for. (How many times have you gone to the store and seen something and realized that you actually need an item that hadn’t even crossed your mind that you needed prior to being in the store? Happens all the time to me!)

Also, look around your house and see what extra school supplies you have left over from the years. If you and your kids are like me and never used the packets of colored paper, the hundreds of spiral notebooks and still have boxes of colored pencils stashed away, consider packaging those items into a back-to-school bundle.

If you are a person that bought a new backpack every year, then you probably have a couple lying around the house or in the attic that are still in great condition. If they are your bookbags, they are probably vintage now and throwback items are always popular, but if they are your children’s, which is more likely, they have a better chance of being in great condition and a more popular style.

So dig through the boxes and get rid of some of that clutter that’s taking up space…let it live on with someone else.



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