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Assembling Your Halloween Costume with Classifieds

by recycler on October 8, 2013

walking deadAs Halloween approaches, if you are the type of person that likes to dress up in costume, then you should be fast thinking about what your outfit/attire is going to be this year…and the classifieds can help.

There are several ways to go about putting together a costume. You can recycle something you’ve worn before. There’s nothing wrong with wearing a costume you’ve worn before.

However, don’t wear the same costume in front of the same crowd of people and if you think there is a chance there will be any crossover, you should probably have about a four-year buffer between re-wearing the same costume. The fun of costumes is seeing what people can come up with. Unless you are making significant alterations to a previous wearing of a costume, I recommend skipping the reusage and coming up with a new idea.

Instead of reusing a previous costume, you can always buy a pre-packaged costume, whether it’s the uniform of a soldier or if you want to go for the “Sexy Pizza Costume.” You can often save a lot of money on these pre-packaged costumes by looking through the classifieds because of the extravagant price they originally cost. You are going to get something that has likely been worn only a few times at most…it’s much more cost-efficient to get something second hand through the classifieds.

But really the way to go is making your own costume. The fun of costume parties, particularly at Halloween, is seeing your friends’ and acquaintances’ creativity shine. Whether it is creating a costume based on a pun, bringing an inanimate object like ‘Shark Week’ to life, creating a costume based on a lesser known character or just going above-and-beyond in the awesomeness department:

If you make one of these extraordinary homemade costumes, you can peruse the classifieds for materials this month leading up to Halloween or even put a wanted listing on recycler.com, if you know exactly what you need.

Since you can always go buy the materials at full price later in the month, this gives you an opportunity to save some money if you find something early that will be useful for you.



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