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Have An Awesome Summer…With a Boat

by recycler on June 20, 2012

Have fun out on the water this summer.

Summer has officially started. So what kind of plans do you have to make this an awesome three months of sunshine and warm weather?

Maybe you are planning a sojourn through several European countries or a family vacation in the tropics? If a lengthy trip or an international vacation aren’t in the cards, you can still have a ton of fun.

One way to make sure this is a memorable summer is with a boat. We currently have more than 750 listings in our Boats category that you can peruse and potentially find just what you need to have an awesome time. Unless you live in the Southwest desert, you more than likely have a lake or river that you can go boating on within an hour, so why not make a little investment in a boat that will enable you to have a great time out on the water all throughout the summer.

There’s nothing like packing a cooler of food and drinks, heading to the lake and taking the boat out for some fun in the sun on the weekend. You can ride out into the middle of the lake and enjoy a picnic on the water.

With an inner tube or water skis, you can throw a rope out behind the boat and have even more fun. Bring the kids along and time who can stay on the inner tube the longest before flying off to the laughter of everyone watching from the boat.

The best part about boats is that they are relatively inexpensive. Sure…a high-powered speedboat with a pair of racing engines or a ginormous yacht are going to be expensive and likely out of your budget, but you can have plenty of boating fun on a budget.

There are plenty of options listed on recycler.com that are less than $1000, some cheap aluminum john boats are even in the $200-$400 range — that’s like three family trips to a nice steakhouse.

So check out our Boat listings and pick up the key to your family having a fun and memorable summer.



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