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Back-to-School Bargains

by recycler on August 8, 2012

Find back-to-school bargains on recycler.com.

It’s that time of year again as almost all students have started back to school or will be starting within the next week.

Though most students dread the end of the summer and beginning of the school year, there is one thing most students look forward to doing — some back-to-school shopping.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of back-to-school shopping? I even went to the local mall yesterday. Thought I just wanted to pick up a shirt and maybe a pair of jeans, so I naturally ended up spending $100. Of course, all but one item was on sale. I’m anti-full price, as you should be too.

That’s perfectly fine when you are doing back-to-school shopping because there are almost always some great bargains. But what happens if you missed the big sales at the local mall and department stores (depending on where you live and when the most common final weekend before the local schools start)?

One of the great things about online classified sites like recycler.com is that you can almost always find some great deals. Sometimes you have to search around and it takes a little time to find the hidden gems, but if you are persistent you can find the “diamond in the rough” that others may have overlooked, especially in such a frenzied time of shopping like the period around the start of the school year.

Here are a couple tips to help you search for those hidden gems:

- Think outside the box when searching. How would other people describe what you are looking for? Sellers try to describe their items in a way that is provocative to you, but sometimes they may titled the item in terms different than you. Think of other possible keywords or titles they may have used.

- Narrow your search results. For example, if you are looking for a new desk for the special student in your life, search “desk” but then use the dropdown at the top right and select “Distance” to get the nearest results to the city you have selected (or has been selected for you based on your IP address). Since you’re not likely to have a desk shipped, curtail the search radius with the “Miles from Location” slide bar on the top left and only search in the 25 or 50 mile radius. You can also search by price (high to low or low to high) or only the listings that actually have photos, if you are a person who likes to have a visual.

- Broad or specific search terms. Pretty simple tip here. If you are getting too many results, narrow your search with more specific terms or by searching in only a certain category. If you aren’t getting enough (or any) results, don’t be afraid to broaden your search terms or the search radius (using the Miles from Location bar).

- Be persistent. If you know there is one particular item you are looking for, use the “Save my Search” feature. You can set up an alert that will send you any new listings for your search every week or bi-weekly based on your preferences. You can also go into your saved searches and go directly to the search results at any time, so check once a day and you’ll never miss the great deal for which you are looking.

- Don’t be afraid to haggle. The people that sell on recycler.com are more likely to be a neighbor down the street rather than a major department store. Be respectful. Don’t try to lowball sellers, but feel free to ask if the seller is willing to take an extra $1 or $2 off. Bargaining and potentially even trading are typically open and fair game (unless otherwise specified in the item description). Even if the seller isn’t interested, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

Here at recycler.com, we want you to be able to find some good deals and be ready for the new school year.



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