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Break-Up Essentials: 6 Important Purchases

by recycler on July 19, 2011

Mending a broken heart can be tough.

Break-ups happen all the time.

Whether it is Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony separating after seven years of marriage, a good friend or just a colleague, we see break-ups seemingly every week. It is a part of life and something we are usually able to brush off easily.

Well…that is until it happens to us. When we are involved in a break-up, everything changes. Everything is different as the world is flipped.

Depending on the breaker-upper and the situation, the overall mood can vary greatly, but we’ve got a list of purchases that are must-haves for any newly single person, even JLo or Marc Anthony. Some are needed for separation while others are guaranteed to provide smiles and cheer:

Cell Phone
Immediately after a break-up, the first thing you are going to want to do is get some separation. With how connected our society is today, that means blocking your former other half on all social media sites and switching out your old cell phone for a sparkling new Blackberry, Android or iPhone with a new number. You can switch over all your numbers as long as you immediately delete all connections with said previous significant other.

Not only will this keep him/her from communicating with you, but will also cut away your potential to try to reach out for him/her in a vulnerable moment (yes…relationships are like an addiction). And with the new multi-function phone, instead of reaching out, you can play AngryBirds, read a book, watch YouTube videos and maybe even make coffee (What? Phones don’t do that yet? Well…they should. It better happen soon!)

Best Friend
After a break-up, most people will need consoling, which means you’ll need a best friend. But humans can be flaky or might be unavailable for whatever reason. A new furry best friend, on the other hand, would be a great addition.

A new pet will be there for you and pets are great listeners…rarely ever interrupting you. In return, they just want your love, affection and the basic necessities of life. Plus, how could you not fall in love with those puppy dog eyes?

Nothing makes you feel special quite like some gleaming new threads. Whether you are a woman picking up some new short dresses for trips out on the town or a man picking up a crisp new suit, new clothes just make you feel “so fresh and so clean, clean.”

A new wardrobe also gives you the opportunity to completely reinvent and reinvigorate yourself. Not happy with the person you were while in the relationship? Become an entirely different person or at least have a completely new look. Try something new and daring for you. Just give it a try. If it doesn’t work out, you can still fall back on everything you wore before. And when the new and daring works, as it inevitably will, then take your old wardrobe to the Salvation Army or some other donation spot and get a tax deduction.

When you get your new wardrobe, don’t forget that you have to accessorize. For women, this means new, expensive (almost unaffordable) shoes and a Gucci or Coach purse or three. For the men, you know your going to want to pick up some new shoes as well, maybe a pair of Jordans, to go with a new fitted or fedora hat and the shiny timepiece that you are going to be rocking on your wrist.

If the break-up was particularly nasty, don’t be afraid to splurge and pick out a nice piece of jewelry. You don’t want to accidentally run into your ex without he/she dropping his/her jaw in disbelief that he/she isn’t with you any more.

Car Detailing
It doesn’t matter if you have a minivan or a sports car, after a break-up you need to have your car detailed. Tell the detailers to clean out everything. You don’t want anything that reminds you of the former relationship mate — not a forgotten article of clothing, scent, indention or even a stray piece of lint. Get rid of it. If you can afford it, or have previously been considering, go ahead and get a new car. (Shameless plug: There are plenty listed on recycler.com.)

With a clean whip, you will have more confidence when you are driving, which is the first step to having more confidence when you exit the car on your way to a party, club, bar or movie where you might meet your next significant other.

Just because you’ve had the same hairstyle since high school, doesn’t necessarily mean it is your best look. Head to the hairdresser or barber and find the best artist to make you anew (and if you didn’t know there were true artists at salons and barbershops, your visit is long overdue already).

Look for the guy with the cheesiest accent or the girl with the most attitude. Tell them that you are the palette and you want him/her to work his/her magic. It will be difficult, but give your makeover savior full reign. You will come out a new person…and one that will have everyone you know in awe. Men should also ask for a hot shave (and a root beer if they serve fresh sodas) while women should go for a facial and a mani/pedi.

Other Non-Essential Purchases to Consider: gym membership, cooking classes, vacation, YouTube revenge video



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