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Clean Up Your Ship With Recycler Classifieds

by recycler on October 31, 2014

Do you have stuff strewn everywhere? Is there stuff piled upon stuff? Classified ads may be the way to go.

We're hoping the boat you live on is bigger than this. Otherwise, how are we going to have a party?

We’re hoping the boat you live on is bigger than this. Otherwise, how are we going to have a party?

If you have some stuff lying around like that right now, you need to clean your ship up. (I’m naturally assuming that you live on a houseboat. If it works for the Most Interesting Man, I can work for you as well.)

Now that you’ve decluttered one area and piled it all into another area…a “To-Get-Rid-Of area,” of course, you need to come up with some ideas of what you are going to do with this stuff. You have to decide what to do with all that stuff/junk/garbage/to-be-regifted/where did that even come from items.

You could stand on the edge of the ship like Jack from Titanic and then drop all the stuff over the bough into the water (if a drought hasn’t struck your area too bad — hopefully you aren’t in Central California). But we don’t recommend that.

For one, it’s just not very environmentally friendly and we can’t recommend you harming Mother Nature since we’re trying to get back on her good side every since we said Father Time was more powerful. Secondly, do you really think the fish and whales are interested in reading your old magazines?

You could donate any nicer items, which would be a nice gesture that might get you on your local Goodwill’s Christmas Card list. Or you could try selling your items. It’s a great idea and we want to help you with that by being your local classifieds network.

Or you could just try printing out a sale list of everyone of your items and then just go ahead and mail it to every household in America? It’s a great idea, but we’re not going to help you with the postage costs.

While direct mailing is always an option, though quite expensive, local classified ads with recycler.com give you flexibility. There are several options for online and print classifieds, allowing you to choose what’s just right for you, including free classifieds as well.

We want to help you rid your already-crowded boat of random stuff taking up room, so give us a chance at recycler.com. It’s the best of both worlds. The boat gets cleaned up some (we can’t really help with scrubbing those barnacles off) and you also will get something back for your items.

Who doesn’t like being compensated for items you no longer want to have around?



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