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Find Gems in Others’ Spring Cleaning

by recycler on March 22, 2013

There could be all kinds of gems out there.

After the cold, harsh weather of winter, the warmth of spring brings about a re-energized vigor to get active and get things done. For some people that means cleaning up around the house. For others, that is an opportunity to change things up whether it’s painting the house a new color or redecorating the living room.

Spring is a time of renewal, but that doesn’t mean that what creates the renewal has to be brand new. Thousands of people will be trying to sell off stuff that they no longer have use for, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t of use for you.

Just as you are trying to revamp your style or look, other people are doing the same. Who knows, maybe if you switched with someone, it would work out great for both of you? But rather than worrying about finding the perfect mate to switch looks/styles/interior decor/whatever with, it’ll probably be a lot easier to just focus on finding stuff for yourself.

With people doing their spring cleaning and clearing out the clutter that has taken over closets, there will be some great gems uncovered, but people will either overlook or realize they have been planning to hang that old painting/use that old frame/get in shape to wear that great dress/whatever else they’ve forgotten about, for three years and it’s just not going to happen for them.

That can be all it takes for them to list the item on a classifieds site, such as recycler.com, and give you the chance to take it home and renew your living space. That’s why spring is one of the prime times to be looking for great bargains on recycler.com.

We often get some of our highest volume of listings during the spring cleaning season. While the November-December holiday season is generally our busiest time, spring cleaning is my favorite time to look for true classifieds gems.

So keep an eye out for great bargains and that special item that is going to help you with your renewal and revival this spring!



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