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Memorial Day Recipes: Appetizers & Entrees

by recycler on May 15, 2012

No barbecue is complete without ribs.

The first true grilling weekend is fast approaching. Memorial Day is right around the corner — just a week and a half until all the backyard barbecue festivities begin for Memorial Day Weekend.

If you are already pondering what food you should buy and make to please all your guests or what you should bring to make a great impression at whatever barbecue you decide to attend, we’re here to help.


When guests arrive, you should definitely have something for them to snack on. But you don’t want to have to be out on the grill at 9 in the morning, so try these oven recipes:

Buffalo Chicken Dip – I mentioned this just before the Super Bowl. This is a sure-fire winner. No one can resist the deliciousness of the BCD. Grab some chips or vegetables to dip or eat it straight.

Deviled Ham Stuffed Eggs – Make your deviled eggs stand out with this unique version of the classic barbecue appetizer.

Oven Fried Chicken – Buy a bag of drumsticks and/or wings and use this recipe to make a great baked appetizer that is healthier than actual fried chicken. (Or if you want real Southern fried chicken, use a deep fryer and this recipe.)


Whether you have a regular backyard grill or a large barbecue smoker, here are a couple of entree ideas from the grill:

Inside-Out Cheeseburgers – I’m a cheese fanatic, so I love when I can put cheese beneath, on top and in the middle of my burger. Talk about cheesy deliciousness.

Flank Steak Fajitas – It may sound ironic, but Mexican food is one of the most American grilled items out there, plus who doesn’t like the sound of the sizzling peppers and onions.

Spicy BBQ Chicken – A little heat is always a welcome addition at my family’s barbecues. Bottles upon bottles of hot sauce are used each year, but hot sauce isn’t needed for this recipe.

Barbecue Ribs – What would a barbecue be without some absolutely delicious barbecued ribs? Not a good barbecue, that’s for sure.



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