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Looking for Rare & Hard to Find Objects

by recycler on May 2, 2013

You never know where you’ll find a gem. (Photo: Jim Nix/Nomadic Pursuits/Foter.com)

Have you ever been watching Auction Hunters, Storage Wars, American Pickers, Storage Hunters, Pawn Stars or one of the other “collector” shows  and thought, “Hmmmm…I could do that!”

Finding valuable and/or rare objects whether in a storage auction, yard sale, someone’s attic or in a pyramid burial vault can be a difficult task. It not only requires luck…it takes a lot of knowledge and an eye for detail.

Can you spot the differences in an 18th century hard-carved chair and an early 20th century reproduction? Is the maker’s mark on your antique china above or below the glaze? What color is the mark?

Which are older — Hot Wheels manufactured in Hong Kong or Malaysia? What does tarnish on silverware reveal?

To find the gems, you have to know your stuff. But you don’t have to rummage through a West Virginia barn that is covered by nefarious creatures of the night to potentially find a great item.

You can make some great discoveries through classified listings. The dynamics change as you won’t be the only one that has a chance to look the listing over (like you would in that damp, dark West Virginian barn) and you won’t necessarily get to handle the item and look for specific details. (Though you can ask the seller to send you some extra pictures or more specific photos to highlight certain areas.

But if you know what things to look for, classifieds are a great place to find some bargain collectibles. If you are looking for particular items, you can use recycler.com’s “Save My Search” feature.

This will save you time as you can quickly pull up a previous search that you have saved. Instead of being forced to re-search and refine your search all over again, you can pull up your Saved Search by going into your recycler.com account and clicking on the “My Saved Searches” in the lefthand panel.

From there, you can view, edit or delete your Saved Searches so that you can quickly and easily customize your experience with recycler.

If you are a collectibles hunter, this will help expedite your search and keep you on the path tracking those rare pieces that make the hunt worth it.

A couple of great pieces of advice for those searching for rare items, especially if you are buying in order to sell for a profit: Don’t buy anything you don’t like since you might end up being forced to keep it. And never spend more money than you can afford to lose. Why’s that? You might take a risk on something and end up buying something that isn’t worth anything.



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