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Variety of Electronics Available on recycler.com

by recycler on November 28, 2011

Whether you are in the market for high end electronics or trinkets, recycler.com has what you need.

High-definition televisions? Check. Flashy iPads and other tablets? Definitely.

Sleek iPods and other mp3 players? Of course. High-tech Blu Ray players? For sure.

Brand new cell phones with the newest technology? Yep. Cool electronic gadgets? The coolest.

When it comes to electronics, you can find just about every new technology that’s available on the market on recycler.com. But what’s so great about recycler is that you can also find older technologies and antique electronics that look great in a vintage room or in a man cave. Who wouldn’t love to have a classic jukebox sitting beside the pool table while you have friends over for a Super Bowl party?

Check out just a few of the cool products that are currently available on recycler.com:

Due to the nature of classified ads, links may not work correctly if the item has sold.

73-Inch Mitsubishi 3D Television – With an almost five-foot screen that lets you watch live games or movies in 3-D, this would be great for any family or game room. Set up some beanbags, pop a large batch of popcorn and invite the neighbors over for an awesome movie night.

1974 Rock-ola Jukebox – Set up the jukebox with whatever tunes are most suitable for you and your guests, whether you have a pino-sipping group listening to jazz or a barbecue-loving squad of country music lovers.

Nintendo DS Lite.

Blue Nintendo DS – On recycler.com, you never know what gagdets, small electronics and games will show up…just like this electric blue Nintendo DS Lite that is listed for only $65.

Heathkit CB Radio Base Station – Before cell phones, CB radios were all the rage. Who’s to say you can’t bring it back?

Fuji FinePix Digital CameraYou’re going to want to savor all of those holiday memories. The best way to be able to do that is with quality visuals from a digital camera such as this Fuji FinePix S 1800.

1949 RCA Victor Television – This TV was a gift to it’s current owner almost 60 years ago, and it still works great. What looks like a small cabinet actually opens up to display a wonderful looking classic TV.

Take it old school with an arcade game.

 64 GB Apple iPhone 4S – It is THE phone to have right now. Apple may not have come out with the iPhone 5 yet, but with the 4S, you have the opportunity to use Siri — the voice prompted personal assistant application.

Street Fighter Arcade Game – Nothing sets off a game room like an actual arcade game. Whether it is a classic like Pac Man or Galaga or something more modern like this Street Fighter II Champion Edition, arcade games are an amazing addition to any awesome hangout.



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