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300 Musical Instruments for LA’s Harmony Project Kids

Harmony Project

Recycler.com, one of the most experienced, fastest growing, and trusted online buying and selling communities nationwide is pleased to announce its partnership with Harmony Project, the LA based program that promotes positive youth development through music study, practice and performance. The partnership, called “Play it Forward,” connects individuals who have musical instruments no longer in use, with students unable to purchase their own, who would like to study music with Harmony Project.

Recycler.com is featuring ads requesting donations for orchestral instruments, including woodwinds, brass, strings and percussion, for LA’s underserved children taking part in Harmony Project. Individuals who don’t have instruments to donate but who would like to help can “Add a Note” by donating money to refurbish used instruments and buy music for Harmony Project. All donations will be made directly to the 501 C-3 non-profit organization.

“For a variety of reasons, many people hang on to old musical instruments believing they might pick them up one day or that someone in the family might use them. More often than not these unused instruments sit in silence in attics, closets or garages across the country,” explains Pam Johnston, recycler.com’s Chief Operating Officer and a formally trained classical musician. “Now you can do something truly extraordinary by giving your instruments to children who will cherish and use them daily to transform their lives.”

Harmony Project provides local youth whose families earn less than 185 percent of the federal poverty level with musical instruments, year-round tuition-free music lessons, and builds youth orchestras with these kids after school and on Saturdays. Enrollment has grown from 36 students in 2001 to about 800 today, with more than 300 students on a waiting list in need of musical instruments. Harmony Project currently runs 5 full-time youth orchestras, including one that recently performed for 18,000 people at the Hollywood Bowl under the direction of the L.A. Philharmonics’ new Music Director, Gustavo Dudamel.

“We’re so grateful to be partners with recycler.com,” said Myka Miller, Executive Director of Harmony Project. “We’ve seen firsthand how playing an instrument can give children hope for a better future and the confidence and skills they need to turn their prayers for a better life into reality. This partnership brings that dream one step closer for the many children on our waiting list.”

The Harmony Project commits to students for their entire childhood, from early elementary or middle school through high school. A recent study found that 90 percent of Harmony Project students showed improved focus and discipline, 73 percent demonstrated improved academic achievement, and 71 percent demonstrated improved family communications.

Recycler.com helps you easily recycle what you no longer need to those who do. In addition to providing a family friendly, safer and superior alternative for the buying and selling of all kinds of merchandise, from musical instruments to cars to puppies, recycler.com prides itself on being a community partner and aligning with non-profit organizations such as Harmony Project that work hard to make a difference.

“We want to be a resource for the communities we serve, adding value where we can,” said Pam Johnston.

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