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7 Original Objectives of National Dog Week

by recycler on September 22, 2011

National Dog Week.

This week is the 83rd celebration of National Dog Week. Though it isn’t as fervently celebrated as some other pet-related occurrences throughout the year, National Dog Week is one of the oldest pet celebrations in the United States.

Yesterday, we profiled the origins of National Dog Week. However, we saved the seven original objectives for today to give them their own blog post.

The original canine lovers that came up with the idea for the week-long celebration were sportsmen that used dogs and dog fanciers. As Cathy M. Rosenthal details, the originators created the week to be “dedicated to a nationwide educational campaign for better dog care.”

National Dog Week.

Rosenthal also lists the seven original objectives for National Dog Week:

  1. A good home for every dog.
  2. Elimination of stray dogs from the street
  3. Better-informed dog owners
  4. Consideration for dogs and all animals
  5. Emphasis of the dog’s use as companion and protector
  6. Fair laws for dogs and dog owners
  7. Respect for the rights of non-dog owners

It’s interesting to see what were the imperative orders the group was trying to promote and how those align with what pet and dog groups preach today.

Which of the seven original objectives do you find most interesting?



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