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Adopt a Pet: Ophelia (Calico) and Oscar (Orange Tabby)

by recycler on December 11, 2014

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Have you been wanting to adopt a cat, but aren’t sure what type of cat you want to get? Here’s the simple solution: Ophelia and Oscar!

Instead of choosing between one particular breed, why not get these two distinct siblings. This brother and sister pair of kittens would be a great rescued pets addition to any household.

Adorable little Ophelia is a quiet and calm Calico girl kitten that loves the company of her siblings Odessa and Oscar. She is playful and enjoys hunting her butterfly-on-a-string toy. She will do best with one of her siblings as a companion in her new home.

So that’s why you should also bring home little Oscar. He is a beautiful little orange Tabby boy kitten, who enjoys tandem napping with his sisters Ophelia and Odessa, and spirited wrestling matches to practice his WWE moves. His mutual love of playtime and butterfly-on-a-string toy hunting means he will do best going home with Ophelia or both sisters..

They are currently located in Miami, Florida. If you are in Florida, these siblings could be just a short drive (or a little bit longer if you live in the panhandle) from joining your family and being the perfect little Calico and Tabby cat duo for you and your family.

For more information, including pet adoption info and more photos click for Ophelia, the Calico’s, full ad on recycler.com or click here for the full recycler.com ad for the orange Tabby, Oscar.

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