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Adopt a Pet: Jilly (Calico Cat)

by recycler on March 10, 2014

Sweet Gilly is a lovely Calico cat. She is soft and makes sure she is clean, taking good care of her coat.

If you are looking to adopt a cat, Gilly could be the perfect Calico girl for you.

She loves to sit in laps and be your best friend and if you allow her to be, this sweet adoptable cat will purr you a song of thankfulness that you’ve given this sweet Calico cat a new home.

If you have mouse concerns, you could adopt Gilly. She would make a great mouser. This pretty Calico is a little shy with new cats at first, but allow her a little time and they’ll soon be the best of kitty friends.

She is currently located in Colfax, California not far from the California capital of Sacramento. With such a central location on the West Coast, Jilly could be just a short drive from joining your family and being the perfect little Calico cat for you and your family.

For more information, including pet adoption info and more photos of this precious Calico, click to see Jilly’s full ad on recycler.com.

Jilly Calico Cat



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