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Why Are Cats Better than Dogs?

by recycler on April 5, 2011

Cats rule, Dogs drool.

To get to the heart of this debate, we took a little sneaky roundabout way to get some answers. Instead of coming right and asking this, we simply posed the following question to our amazing Facebook Pet Fans: Cats or Dogs? However, the decision seemed to be split! For this week we are going to discuss why cats are better than dogs, but don’t worry, next we will hear from the doggy side of the argument!


Easier to Care For

It seemed our Kitty Cat Camp on Facebook came back with a resounding agreement that cats are easier to care for than their barking nemesis. And it makes sense. Cats groom themselves and are overall very independent. They do not need to be walked and can usually entertain themselves quite contently. Dog lovers would refute that this independence is a downfall, but I wonder if they’d argue as adamantly while picking up their dogs poop…

Also, many cat enthusiasts were quick to point out that cats are generally cleaner, slobber less, and are far less likely to chew up your furniture and other personal belongings. Cats can practically care for themselves!


It is hard to deny that cats are far cheaper to care for than dogs and the Cat Camp on Facebook were quick to remind us of this fact. Not only do cats cost less initially (unless you get an exotic rare breed), but over the long run you will spend significantly less on your cat than your dog. Cats eat less, require fewer accessories (large kennel or crate, leash, toys, etc), and generally require less medical attention to keep healthy.

Earning that Love

The most interesting argument coming from our Cat Fans was that they appreciated and respected the fact that, with cats, you really have to work for their love. While dogs are considered more loyal, the Cat Lovers aren’t impressed by a dog’s blind love toward anyone who scratches his neck and smells like bacon. Cats, on the other hand, are pickier with their love, our fans claimed. You really have to work for it, which makes it all the sweeter when you get it. There is validity in this argument. Things we work for are always more rewarding than things we can easily take for granted.

What Some Our Fans Had to Say

Elizabeth – Cats, they don’t have to be walked, require less money, can fit on your lap, and they purr!

Brandi – Cats. Smart, independent, funny…similar criteria for all of my friends on four legs or two.

Denise – Having both a cat and a dog. When my dog looks at me with her kind bright eyes I feel so loved. When my cat stares at me with his striking green eyes I know I better adore him.

Delores – Cats, because they are intelligent, sensitive beings who have their own distinct personalities. Cats show as much love and devotion as dogs, but are more discriminating when it comes to their people. And, cats are great pets, who require less care… and time than dogs, and will not tear up your home when left alone for a while.(A cat actually saved my life as a child. We lived on the first floor of an apartment building, and we were woken up by our cat, Fluffy’s growling. She had heard intruders coming in the window, they already had our screens out, and were coming in to rob and God knows what else. My Dad had time to get up and get his handgun, and they ran off. If not for her, I might be dead now).

Chelsea - Cat, more loving when you need them, don’t have to be walked, don’t poop all over the house, easy to litter train, clean, don’t chew up everything…I could keep going…

Jamie – Why not both?

* So what do you think!? *



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