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Cute Pet of the Day: Dearfield Terrier

by recycler on November 20, 2012

He’s absolutely adorable and he needs a new forever home. That’s really all you need to know before seeing this picture:

Now that you’re are in love with this little guy, since…well…how could you not be in love with that cute tiny face?…let me tell you that there are some adoption restrictions on him.

The rescue where he currently is being kept is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and it only allows South Florida adoptions. However, the rescue does make some exceptions, so if this five and half month old pup has stole your heart, you can try to talk them into making an exception for you to adopt him.

He is “very sweet and playful. Gets along with other dogs. Short hair and low maintenance.”

For adoption information and more photos, click to see the full ad on recycler.com.



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