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Cute Pet of the Day: Lulu

by recycler on May 4, 2013

Look at how excited & happy little Lulu looks! Don’t you just want to adopt her right now?

This little 3-year old is looking for a hound-experienced family. She’s 45 pounds and enjoys exercising outdoors. She got her name from her distinctive baying call.

She responds great to positive reinforcement training and has a solid sit, down and shake. After exercise she’s happy to curl up on her dog bed (or a lap if you let her). Being a hound she shouldn’t be left unattended outside but is happy to be crated or left loose in the house when left alone.

She is currently located in Buckley, WA, making her accessible to someone in the Pacific Northwest, but even if you aren’t local, you can often contact a rescue organization and they will help you find assistance for long-distance transportation.

For adoption information and more photos, click to see Lulu’s full ad on recycler.com.



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