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Cute Pet of the Day: Miles

by recycler on August 23, 2013

Look at how excited & happy Miles looks! Wouldn’t you like to see that smile everyday? Don’t you just want to adopt him right now?

This little 3-year old is looking for a hound-experienced family. She’s 45 pounds and enjoys exercising outdoors. She got her name from her distinctive baying call.

As you can see from the photo, Miles has a magnificent white coat and a huge infectious smile. he is a goofy little Jack Russell Terrier puppy that lives for snuggles, belly rubs and kisses.

Miles is great with other dogs and highly trainable, all he wants to do is please people. Miles has a big personality that will always brighten your day! Email us today so we can break this lil dude out of jail at the shelter!

He is currently located in Los Angeles, but even if you aren’t local, you can often contact a rescue organization and they will help you find assistance for long-distance transportation.

For adoption information and more photos, click to see Miles’ full ad on recycler.com.




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