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Cute Pet of the Day: Timmy

by recycler on January 23, 2013

It seemed that little flame-point siamese mix, Timmy, was wondering the streets with a broken leg before he ended up in a shelter. But after he was rescued from the shelter, he was taken to a veterinarian where it was revealed he had been dragging his back legs because of a pellet lodged in his spine.

The pellet was removed and with the devotion of the rescue volunteers, he has been able to rehabilitate to where he is able to move around much easier. One creative volunteer devised a bandage that allows Timmy to walk around and put more pressure on his hocks.

Timmy does have a best friend, Tommy the Tiger, that the rescue organization doesn’t want to split apart. But Tommy and Timmy are super sweet boys, Timmy is doing well and can get around on his own, and both are super playful and fun.

For adoption information and more photos, click to see Timmy’s full ad on recycler.com.



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