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Why Are Dogs Better than Cats? (Revenge Edition)

by recycler on April 12, 2011

Dogs rule, cats drool

Last week we covered why cats are better than dogs, but we couldn’t in good conscience publish that article without a canine rebuttal. So this week we are going to offer up both our bark and bite in the argument between cats and dogs, outlining with irrefutable evident why dogs are better than cats. Keep reading after the jump for the skinny and to hear what our dog-loving facebook fans had to say on the matter.


Loyalty is King

We can’t choose our family, but can choose our friends—this is a common axiom about our ability to pick those we keep closest to us and those we do allow into our circle are usually the most trustworthy and most loyal. The number one most desirable quality in a friend is loyalty, and the quickest way to destroy a friendship is betrayal. And just like you can pick your friends, so too can you pick your pets! The loyalty of the Dog is unquestionably unmatched in the animal kingdom. There are hundreds of stories about dogs staying with their masters, through hell and high water, until the bitter end. Sure some cats will show this kind of loyalty, but these felines are the exception to the rule. Dogs, on the other hand, seem bred for loyalty—they don’t know how to act other than with loyalty toward their pack.

A Little Dependency Goes a Long Way

The resounding responses from the pro-cat facebook fans repetitively harped on the fact that cats are more independent and therefore better. I don’t think there is a single dog-owner who can refute the first half of that statement. Cats are more independent; there’s not denying it. Dogs require more attention, more time, more bathing, more…everything! However, I think it’s the latter half of the argument where dog-lovers would say the cat-lovers are wrong. To wit: Independence doesn’t necessarily mean better. We get pets because we like the companionship and, in a way, the dependency. Fish, certain types of fungus, and even stuffed animals can be quite independent and low maintenance, too, but that doesn’t make them good candidates for Pet of the Year!

Comfort in Protection & the Value of Hard Work

Another quality of dogs that cats do not exactly share in spades is the ability to guard and protect. Do cats protect people they love? Sure, it’s happened. But if you were in the most precarious situation you can think of—perhaps intruders in your home with you—would you want a teeny weeny wittle pussy cat or an 80-pound German Shepherd? That’s like asking if when you’re life is in danger if you’d rather have Robin or Batman? C’mon! Even small dogs like Yorkies, Chihuahuas, and Shih Tzus will alert to intruders and at the very least be very, very loud. Plus, dogs are workers and work hard (while the cat naps…’cuz that’s all they do: nap). When you see a cat herding sheep like a Border Collie, then we’ll talk!

What Our Fans Had to Say

Renee – Dogs! No living creature will ever adore you like a dog.

Jennifer P. – well dogs, mostly because I’m allergic to cats, but I like the interaction I get from my dogs. I have pets for the companionship and the feeling I get when I take care of them. Cats, for the most part, are too independent for me. Although if I weren’t allergic I’d probably have a cat too! … Oh YES! the guarding reason too….nothing like having 2 Rott/Shepherd mixes @ 120#s+ roaming the house 24/7…there is a great sense of security that goes along with having dogs…even the tiny ones, they can be pretty scary too! tiny sharp little teeth!

Jennifer L. – Dogs! Their unconditional love, their devotion and need for affection makes them great…cats? Don’t need a lot of attention, are not playful.

Vickie – Dogs definitely, they are very loving and have great personalities and loyalty factors can’t be beat

Katie – I used to be a huge cat fan… and then my husband got me my dachshund. I am definitely more supportive of dogs now. Cats are great to cuddle with and absolutely adorable, but they also tend to be very independent. Dogs, however, are loyal…

Celina – Dogs! I had 3 cats and had to give them away (yes I’m still very sad about it) but they destroyed everything we own! Yes we tried lots of preventive measures to fix issues, but they were just born a**holes. I still love cats very much but no more in my home

Lisa – Dogs, no matter how late you come in or how many days between baths or even when no food: they still love you, a cat will keep his back turned to you if the food bowl is empty!!!

Michelle – Dogs all the way. My Koda makes me feel safe and secure no matter where we are. He greets me at the end of the day with happy wags and kisses.


So what do you think? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!



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