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Drinks for Your Pet

by recycler on August 24, 2012

Water is considered the element of life for humans. Without it, we cannot live. But we aren’t the only ones. Due to the high percentage of their body being water, dogs and cats also cannot live without water.

Dogs require 0.5 to 1.0 ounce of water per pound daily. There is no set standard for cats as wild felines generally get most of the water they need from their prey. So if a pet cat is eating dry food (canned food is preferred), its intake of water has to increase to compensate.

But water isn’t the only thing your pet can drink. Last week, we asked on our recycler Pets Facebook page, what else you give your pet to drink. There was some argument and consternation from some about giving anything else to pets, but we’ve got a short list of things that are safe and recommended for your pet:

Bark Vineyards Fine Wine

Treat your pet like true royalty with this wine designed for felines and canines. Bark Vineyards allows you to turn a regular meal for your pet into an upper-class meal. Just pour the “alcohol free au-jus” evenly over their normal meal and give your pet an instant upgrade that may have him/her ready to don ballroom attire.

Dog Beer

Unfortunately, one of the pioneering dog beers, Happy Tail Ale, is no longer in production. Happy Tail Ale was brewed just like beer for humans using malted barley in large copper kettles. It just eliminated the alcohol, carbonation and hops that are bad for animals. Try getting your pooch some Bowser Beer or one of the other dog beers readily available. Who doesn’t want to be able to have a beer with their best friend?

Fresh Fruit Juice

Fresh fruit juice is often a treat for humans. It can be for pets too. Pets can consume small quantities of fruit juice as long as it doesn’t have any added sugar, artificial colors, artificial flavors or other ingredients. Basically, that means it needs to be fresh, squeezed juice. If that is too much of a hassle, it might be a better idea to give your pet some fresh whole fruit.

The Pet Beverage

If its claims are true, The Pet Beveragecould be the greatest pet product on the market. The “100% all natural, odorless and tasteless product” is said to eliminate pet odors and bad breath. The Pet Beverage also is supposed to reduce or get rid of lawn burn and is safe for all ages of all types of pets.

“Fuel for dogs.”


This thin, brown drink resembling a light broth was developed specifically for dogs by a veterinarian. Per its website: “Petrol is a delicious dog treat beverage with vitamins and 100% natural flavorings for optimum canine health and wellness.”

Sports Drinks

Not Gatorade. Not Powerade. Animals can only tolerate small amounts of certain vitamins and minerals that are abundant in sports drinks. Plus, human sports drinks are chock full of sugars. Instead, your pet can replenish his/her electrolytes with a specially formulated pet sports drink, such as the Rehydrate sports drink for dogs.



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