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Pet Tech: Dog Toys and Accessories – The Fetch Machine

by recycler on February 18, 2011

Auto Fetch Machine

Last edition we covered the Pet Treadmill and we are going to continue with more exercise technology. In this edition of Pet Tech—the blog series dedicated to cutting edge pet accessories and pet toys—we are featuring the revolutionary Auto Fetch Machine. It’s the perfect device for that energetic dog and less-than-energetic (read: lazy) owner. OK…it’s great for non-lazy owners too! Keep reading past the jump to lean more…

The Good

Dogs and puppies need a lot of exercise. Not only does regular exercise keep your dog physically healthy, but it also him mentally happy. However, after a long day of work (and maybe even going to the gym for some exercise for yourself) you might not feel like playing with your lively puppy that’s been napping all day waiting for your joyous return! With the automatic fetch machine, all you need is electricity and balls and your dog can get all the exercise he needs—and you don’t have to move a muscle. But you can if you want to!

Simply load the machine and let ‘em fly! The machine does all the work and the dogs seem to LOVE it. It is incredibly easy to use, is lightweight and relatively easy to move and store, and it looks pretty durable and should last a good while (unlike those stuffed animals that your dog destroys within minutes of you coming home from the pet store).

The Bad

The machine is on a timer and launches the ball for the dog to chase and catch. All the example videos show dogs catching the ball and then loading the machine themselves, rinse and repeat, one at a time. HOWEVER, these are trained dogs. Sure you could train your dog to load the machine himself, or he may even learn on his own, but keep in mind you may have to collect and load many balls yourself, over and over. So might not be completely relaxed while this happens.

Also, you need a lot of space for this. I would not recommend using the machine in your house or apartment (the launch trajectory seems sporadic), so be sure you will have the proper space to use the device before shelling out the cash for it.

If you have a skittish dog, you may not want to invest your money in this, as your dog might be afraid of the machine.


I came across the two most popular automatic fetching machines and they seem pretty similar. Even their prices are almost identical on all the searches I conducted looking for deals, but you can always browse recycler’s Pet Accessories in your area to find a used machine at a bargain price. They seem to work the same too!


GoDogGo Automatic Fetch Machine (pictured) $149.99

Fetch-tastic Automatic Fetch Machine $149.99



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