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Gifts to Buy a Pet Lover

by recycler on December 9, 2011

Get the perfect gift for the pet owners in your life.

The season of giving is upon us once more.

If you are a person that enjoys giving gifts, then you know how difficult it can be to find that perfect gift for everyone that is on your list.

Would Uncle Charlie like a cigar cutter or a foot massager more? Does Little Denise need a Dora the Explorer comforter or a new winter coat? And then what do you even try to get Grandpa, who doesn’t seem to need anything and doesn’t have any hobbies of note?

It feels great to give gifts, but it feels even better when you give something that lights up the recipient’s face when they pull away the wrapping.

That’s why we’ve come up with a list of great gift ideas to help you light up the face of any friend or relative that is a pet lover.

1. Collars and Leashes – Collars and leashes are the socks of gifts for a pet owner. You can always give someone a pair of dress (male) or decorated (female) socks as a holiday gift. In fact, I advise you to have a couple of extra pair wrapped to keep in your car in case someone shows up unexpected that you haven’t bought anything for.

Socks definitely aren’t the greatest present, but you can never have enough pairs of socks and it gives the person something to open. Collars and leashes are the same for pet lovers. They may not be as cool as some other gifts on this list, but they are going to put a smile on the gift opener’s face because it will make him/her think about the little furbaby waiting for him/her at home.

There are even mobile grooming services.

2. Grooming/Training Services- Spas aren’t just for humans. Send your friend’s cuddlesome pet to the doggy or kitty spa for a day of grooming or help the pet learn some proper etiquette with obedience training courses. A gift that will only continue to give back to the owner…and to you when you visit and don’t get jumped on.

3. Zero Odor – This gift is great for any cat owner and will also be great to your senses if you visit the recipient often. The Zero Odor products are molecularly designed to bond to odor particles creating a “irreversible reaction that’s powerful enough to stop skunk odor — yet it’s odorless, non-toxic and biodegradable.” So if a friend has a smelly litter box or a dog bed that you would have thrown out years ago, the Zero Odor products could be a great gift for the friend…and your olfactory nerve.

4. Pet Food & Treats – If you search locally, you will almost assuredly find at least one small, pet treat shop or pet bakery in your hometown or at least close by to your hometown. However, you could really treat someone by getting some pet treats shipped in from the number of pet bakeries available across the world.

5. Neko Flies Cat Toys – Is there someone on your gift list that has one of those plump, overweight cats? If so, the Neko Flies toys could be the perfect gift. The Neko Flies appeal to the natural feline hunting instinct. They look like creatures that house cats would naturally chase from house mice to dragonflies. With you operating a long rod attached to the Neko Flies toys, the toys also move just like the critters that you wouldn’t mind your cat getting rid of. Not only will the toys give your recipient an opportunity to play with his/her cat, the cat will also get a good workout and can work off some of those extra holiday pounds.

A pet portrait will bring smiles for years.

6. Pet Portraits – A picture is worth a thousand words, but a great portrait of a beloved pet is worth a thousand smiles. Every time a pet owner sees the portrait hanging up in his/her home, a smile is going to take place. Be warned that finding a photographer that can adequately capture a pet’s personality could be expensive, but the memories will last forever.

7. GPS Collar – Microchipping pets is a great idea that allows found pets to make their way back to their owners. However, what happens if the pet isn’t found or isn’t taken to a vet or pound where the microchip can be scanned? Instead of microchipping, owners can now be proactive in the search process with GPS collars that let owners know exactly where their fur baby is. The coolest thing about the SpotLight GPS Pet Locator is that you set up a ‘SafeSpot’ perimeter and if the pet leaves that perimeter, alerts are sent via text and email to the owner.

8. Canine Twitterer – Does your friend or relative’s pet have his own Facebook or Twitter account? Well, with the Canine Twitterer, the animal’s Twitter account will be updated automatically based on what the animal is doing thanks to this collar attachment that interprets the animal’s activity level and breathing patterns. The reading is then turned into one of 500 pre-loaded tweets that are read by a nearby computer through a wireless USB receiver.

9. Paw Print Accessories – Whether it is a purse, a pendant or a cell phone cover, any accessories with a cool paw print design are going to be loved by pet owners. If pet owners are proud of one thing, it is definitely being a pet owner and they love to show that fact off any chance they can.

What other gifts have you given or been given do you recommend for other pet lovers out there?



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