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Top 10 Reasons To Buy Local Pets For Sale!

by recycler on November 15, 2010


10. Safety First!

The more you know about any situation, the safer you can approach it, and the same goes for buying local pets for sale. Not only will you be able to physically see the pet before purchasing it, but you will also be able to meet the person who has been up to this point responsible for caring for the animal. It gives you a chance to ask questions, face to face, because when it comes to buying pets, you want to protect yourself and the animal! The only sure way to a safe transaction is a local, in-person transaction.

9. It’s Cheap(er)!

Shipping costs can add up fast! Sometimes it seems like you are paying more for shipping than for the animal itself. When you buy local pets for sale, you can easily and quickly pay for the animal and, more often than not, for much cheaper than shipping the poor thing across the country!

8. Save Gas!

If shipping isn’t available, sometimes there is only one way to get your new pet…Road Trip! If you buy a local pet for sale, then the more local the better, if not for the pure reason of saving gas money! With all the money you are saving on gas, you can buy much-needed accessories or toys to take better care of your new pet.

7. Less Travel on the Young Pet

If you are buying a puppy or kitten or other baby animal, the less travel you put it through the better. Traumatic events can shape the young animal’s personality, especially in their infancy, and often times for the worse. Buying local pets will severely cut down on the need to haul the animal from to Timbuktu! A happy pet makes a happy pet owner.

6. Meet the Seller

Many times you can get a good feeling for the animal you are purchasing from the owners who are selling it. More often than not, reputable, friendly sellers are going to provide more information, will be able to answer your questions better, and will sell you a healthier and more stable animal. When you buy local pets for sale, you also have the chance to see the environment the animal has thus far gotten used to. No surprises!

5. Meet the Parents

Maybe even more important than meeting the seller, when you buy a local pet for sale you have the opportunity to the meet the animal’s parents. You can tell a lot about an animal with information garnered solely on its parents. An animal’s health (good or bad), as well as temperament, can often be attributed to hereditary. Some things are out of your hands, but you can be prepared and knowledgeable. Nurture versus Nature? Better safe than sorry!

4. Haggle!

Going hand-in-hand with the face-to-face meeting is an often ignored art-form: bargaining. Buying pets for sale locally makes it much easier to negotiate with the seller, who may otherwise not deal with a haggling out-of-towner over the phone or via email.

3. Siblings! Cute, cute, cute…

Okay. This is a bit of a vain and superficial reason, but if you buy your pet locally, you will be able to go pick it up and where there is one puppy or kitten there are usually more! No one here will judge you if you make up as many excuses as you can to play with the entire furry litter for as long as possible. Take your time!

2. Immediate! No waiting!

“Your pet will arrive in 3 to 18 months” – Nope! When you buy local pets for sale, you contact the seller, arrange a meeting, show up, and take your new pet, in hand, home with you, right then and right there! Why wait?

1. It’s Easy!

Buying local pets for sale, if nothing else, is incredibly easy. You won’t need to track down the seller. You won’t need to do hours of research to ensure that the out-of-state breeder or seller is reputable and legit, and you won’t have to fret and worry after making the payment then wait, and wait, and wait for the animal. You still need to do your research and know your stuff, but keeping it local will expedite and facilitate the entire process. You’ll be glad you did!



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