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Pet Jerky Causing Animal Illnesses

by recycler on September 19, 2012

Avoid pet jerky. (Photo: pet-snacks.com)

In the last five years, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received around 2200 reports of pet illnesses related to the ingestion of pet jerky.

The news has been even worse in the last year and a half:

“Over the past 18 months the reports have contained information on 360 canine deaths and one feline death.”

The FDA has been researching and studying the pet jerky products that seem to be the cause of the illnesses.

It has used a wide array of experts, including “toxicologists, epidemiologists, veterinary researchers, forensic chemists, microbiologists, field investigators and senior agency officials, across the globe in efforts to understand the illnesses that have occurred and link them to a particular pathogen or food.

One of the potential problems may be with the usage of irridated food, a process that exposes food to ionizing radiation used to kill microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and insects that might be in the food. However, the FDA’s global investigation has of yet been unable to pinpoint a direct and definitive cause.

Because it hasn’t identified the cause or found proof that the pet jerky is what has created the pet illnesses, the FDA cannot ban the item. According to TakePart.com, “definitive laboratory proof is needed because the agency claims it can’t ban a product based solely on consumer complaints.”

The FDA is doing what it can, issuing a warning to consumers to avoid all Chinese pet jerky, which is where the illness-creating jerky has been linked back to. It is also important to note that pet jerky isn’t necessary for a balanced pet diet.

So really…why risk it?

If you currently have any pet jerky in the house, just throw it out. There’s no reason to take the chance that your lovable fur baby could get sick over a product that is in question.



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