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recycler.com’s New Fun Feature: The Cute or Not Pet Rating Game!

by recycler on October 22, 2010

You Decide: Too Cute? Or Ewww, Brute?

Pet lovers take heed! The brand new Cute or Not pet rating widget is now   available at recycler.com! Check it out for some endless fun, or to even put this fun widget right on your own webpage to help these amazing creatures fine homes!

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Ever see a cute little dog or cat that just melts your face with cuteness? Makes you want to vomit from over-adorableness? Makes you go “d’awwww” as you obliviously pour hot coffee all over your distracted, distracted self?

How about one that makes you cringe and wonder how such a creature could have been created by evolution or an omnipotent being? Makes you question how anyone could love such despicable beast, as your eyes search to find anything to focus on besides the face of that abomination, but just like a car accident you can’t—you just can’t look away!

Sure, for the cute ones you’ll gush maudlin praise in your woopy-foopy voice. But you have to fake a smile when around the ugly ones and their owners, using ambivalent adjectives when asked your opinion, like “breathtaking” (Seinfeld, anyone? No? OK). Well, not with this game!

Here at recycler we love ALL pets—cute or…not. But we wanted a way to measure an animal’s cuteness, heretofore referred to as Official Cute Score (OCS). This is where you come in.

We have piled all the cute (or not) little pet mug shots into one place and are giving you the chance to peruse each one, ranking just how cute (or not) you think they are! Give us your opinion and directly affect thousands of animals’ OCS. If you see a cute one, give it five stars. If you see a not-so-cute one, give it just one. When you choose, the next pet will load automatically for you to rate. And each pet’s current rating will appear above the pet’s photo.

Sure…this is totally shallow, but it’s completely anonymous and wickedly fun!

Can you think of a better way to spend your workday than browsing the pet photos, rating the OCS of each critter?¹

Check it out and spread the word. Share this new feature on facebook and twitter, or put the widget right on your own website (Get this Widget Now)! Have some fun and help these pets find homes at the same time! And if you see one that is just too cute for any rating system to give proper justice — click on the Adopt Me! button to learn how to take that off-the-chart-adorable pet home!

Go ahead; start rating!

¹ The recycler does not condone work avoidance and takes no responsibility or liability for any boss-related static received if hours are spent rating pets. Come on, if you can’t be sneaky with it, then you deserve whatever punishment you get.



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