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Pet Tech: The Pet Treadmill

by recycler on August 5, 2010

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This time around in the futuristic world of Pet Tech, the website blog series that features the most technologically advanced new gadgets made for the animal kingdom, we are talking about physical fitness and, more specifically, the Pet Treadmill.

Dog obesity is an epidemic in this country, but there are steps you can take to keep your dogs fit and happy without spending too much of your own precious time or energy. First, you should always monitor your dog’s eating (free feeding is not recommended and you should limit the amount of snacks). But diet is only one piece of the puzzle. The dog also needs plenty of exercise. With the help of some new pet gadgets, you can give your dog a device which will help it get the exercise it needs without requiring you, the owner, to always go for long, timely, inconvenient walks or jogs.

What is a Pet Treadmill?

You may be wondering by now: Just what is a pet treadmill? But wonder no more – it is exactly what it sounds like. Pet treadmills are miniature versions of exercise treadmills, fitted to a dog (with varying sizes for ranging dog sizes). They are relatively small conveyor belts on a flat surface, usually possessing a harness or enclosure to keep the animal confined for safety.

There are two types of pet treadmills: dog-powered treadmills and automatic treadmills. Dog-powered treadmills are generally safer and cheaper ($300-$500) because they are simpler and stationary, relying on the dog to walk to move the conveyor (like a hamster’s wheel). However, automatic treadmills, which are high-tech and motorized, are generally more expensive ($700-$3,000) but will have more options, including speed and incline adjustment and ultimately give you more control over your dog’s exercise and training.

If you have an older dog, a timid dog, an injured dog, or are on a tighter budget, the stationary dog-powered treadmill is probably your best option. If you have more money to spend or are training your dog to show, perfecting it’s walk and run, you might want to spring for the motorized automatic pet treadmill.

Improving Your Dogs Life:

Pet treadmills are a safe and fun way for dogs to get their required daily exercise without having to leave the home. Sure dogs love to go outside, but sometimes if it is cold or rainy, many dogs prefer to stay in, while still having plenty of pent up energy that needs spent!

Dogs are bred for activity. If you do not give the dog a way to release all its energy, it might find its own creative ways to do so. This could lead to disobedience and bad behavior. Dogs are generally more active than their feline counterparts, so an exercised dog is a happy dog. A happy dog makes a happy owner.

Improving Your Life:

You adopted a dog, so that means you understand the commitment it takes to raise an animal from puppyhood; however, sometimes real life can get in the way and you just don’t always have time to take the dog for a jog. Also, when it rains and your dog is by the door, anxious and tail a’waggin’, you probably don’t want to wear a poncho just to let your dog burn some calories.

This is where the pet treadmill will actually enhance your life. It is definitely a good idea to supervise any animal put on a treadmill, but you can do so from the comfort from your warm, dry home, while multi-tasking. Technology has made being a pet-owner easier than ever…though if you do have the time and the weather is nice, go ahead and take the dog to the park! You’ll both enjoy the time out together!



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