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recycler.com Facebook Fans Reminisce About Their Pets

by recycler on April 1, 2011


We recently asked our wonderful facebook fan community to share with us their fondest pet memory and we were overwhelmed with some extraordinary responses! We have compiled the answers below for you to enjoy. If you like join in on the conversation, please become a fan of our facebook Pets page and also feel free to share your fond pet memories in the comment section below!


Cindy – Falling asleep listening to my lover and my boxer snoring in unison.

JoAnne – Chasing my Grandma’s dog (mix of beagle and a whole lot of other breeds) through the cornfields behind her house. She was always chasing rabbits! :) Her name was Pippy. :)

Tracy – Almost every moment with my little Nikki girl. She’s gone now but I remember being very touched when she laid her body across mine to give me a ‘hug’. Sweetest girl ever. I miss her every day…

Kathy – when I was a little girl my best friend ever Duchess (German Shepard) would lay in my driveway and watch the stars. When ever I look up and see O Ryan’s belt I think of her and that was 37 years ago.

Nancy – when I looked out the window and saw our black spaniel slowly chasing after a funny looking black chicken with feathery feet across your yard. We still don’t know where the chicken came from? She just couldn’t figure out what it was.

Vanessa – Baby (toy poodle) knocked my purse over, pulled out my wallet, pawed open the flap and pawed out one-dollar bills. She decided she wanted her allowance. Haha

Jennifer – I have lots of good memories of the numerous pets I have had and currently have. One of my very favorites was the first time I ever heard Punkie purr. Punkie and his three siblings had been dumped in the ally by my house when they were barely two weeks old. They were starving and covered on fleas and feces. I took them in and bottle-fed them for weeks. I bathed them daily because they didn’t know how to clean themselves and I even had to stimulate them to use the bathroom. It was a lot of hard work. When Punkie, whom I still have, was about six weeks old he crawled in my lap and began to purr. You could barely hear it. A year and a half later Punkie sleeps with me every night and I fall asleep to his content purring.

Darlene – I especially remember when I was walking my baby kitten Gracie around the yard with a rabbit halter and we came to a delicate butter cup type flower on a slim stem about 5 inches tall. She stood on her hindquarters and put her paw against this thin delicate stem to steady herself while she actually put her nose in the middle of the flower and smelled it! She loved smelling flowers! And that became my nickname for her… ‘flower’ (like the skunk in Bambi) lol

Gregg – The day my younger Sheltie defended his older, blind Sheltie packmate from an attack by a Chow. The Chow was about three times Bailey’s size and he faced him down as if he were a Mastiff. He got right between them an in the Chow’s face…and remarkably, no one w[as hurt].

Angela – Too many to count.

Loretta – Sitting in my hospital bed a week after I woke up from my coma and my mom bringing my rottie to see me in the hospital! One of the best days of my life!!! Actually gave me the motivation to learn to walk and talk again. Hospital gave me 6 months, after seeing my dog I was out 5 days later. He was my miracle R.I.P.

Patti – It was Oct of 2000. I had to uproot my family to move in and care for a terminally ill relative. My 2 year old granddaughter lived with me and we needed something in our life to help us deal with the stress of the impending death. I went to our local Humane Society, and there HE was. Tomas was scheduled to be euthanized that afternoon if no one wanted him. One look in his eyes and I was taken. He was an older dog but the wisdom in his eyes was amazing. Over the next 11 years Tomas Sebastain, more than earned his keep. He comforted me as I grieved for my Aunt, He stayed with me after very traumatic surgery ,that left me not being able to speak above a whisper. When the depression got so bad I wanted to die Tomas was there, watching, letting me touch him so I would not be alone. Tomas was my protector, confidant, and best friend. On Jan of this year Tomas Sebastion (The Old Man),was called to the Rainbow Bridge, to wait for me. I was unable to bury him because I am wanting to buy a house and the thought of leaving him somewhere I was not was unbearable. I had him cremated, and like he was in life he is in the living room, keeping watch over me.

Nancy – One of our Jacks, Patches, sitting in the bathtub when he knew a storm was coming, or same dog insisting that he had to go out and coming back with his pal Kassie who had one leg in a cast and apparently had come to close to a muskrat–her face was all torn up. He initially came home without her but was antsy until I let him out again and he brought her back home. JRTs are something else.

Carolyn – Watching my new beloved rescue cat give birth to six babies and naming and nurturing them all until I found good permanent homes for them ~an experience Me and my children will never forget~

Sarah – Enjoying the time I had left with my best friend Molly, who died last year January 2010. She was taken away to early, age 13, due to Cushions Disease. She was a neglected Yorkshire Terrier approximately 2 years old, and the people that owned her could get rid of her fast enough. The recycled love that she gave to my children and myself will never be for gotten. She was the most loving dog, and best friend to Teddy who is also a rescue dog.

Ciara – The first time my cat walked, jumped on my bed and slid under the covers, and purred. My mom saw a man trying to dump him out of a cat carrier at a Salvation Army store. She brought the kitten home. I named him Armani. He was gray and looked like he was wearing a tux. For 5 days we had to force-feed him food and water. Also if he moved at all he only crawled. I took him to both of my jobs and school everyday so I could feed him. He was such a scared boy, but the 5th night he ate, climbed the steps to my room, crawled under the covers and purred. From then on he followed me everywhere and love to talk and purr :)

Katie – The day I got my dachshund he was around maybe 2 months old with stubs for feet and the biggest floppy ears. My favorite memory was when I took him to see my sisters. The lawn was due for a mow and Daggy, being so little, had to hop like a rabbit through it. I would call behind me “Puppy!” because it took a couple weeks to find a name for him, and he would hop as fast as he could after me. 6 years later he loves hopping through high grass.

Robbie – When my Tommy was diagnosed with lymph node cancer and given 3 months to live. Doctor advised a steroid medication with an antibiotic for his immune system for his remaining days. 11 years later, he is cancer free and my husband & I consider it a miracle. The diagnosis was not a mistake as the University of Penn and my veterinarian both concurred on the diagnosis.

Sherri – When I was little, still in diapers, I had a dog named Bear that would watch after me…if I started going towards the top of the hill she would start gently nosing me back, if I didn’t turn around she would gently grab my diaper, and start pulling me down the hill… Never got hurt by her doing that. Just went through a lot of diapers! She would also stay at the bus stop every morning and every evening waiting on me and my sis to get off the bus when I started school! R.I.P Bear!!

Jennifer – Back in the early 90′s, walking our beagle, Moses, in a local State Park that we had never taken him to before, he left the trail at one point to bury a dog treat we had given him. MONTHS later, we took him back to the same park and walked the same trail. When we got to that point in the trail, he made a beeline for the spot where he had buried that dog treat and dug it up and ate it. I kid you not. I couldn’t believe he remembered and I couldn’t believe it was still there.

Darlene – The thing I miss most about my Gracie girl (a longhaired Himalayan mix with a lion’s mane and short stubby legs with tufts of fur growing out from between her toes. The fur was thick around her legs but was sort of sculpted to look like she was wearing pantaloons), was bedtime. This was a special event each night… Once I was in bed and comfortably lying on my back, she would jump on the bed, step over my face, walk down the right side of my body, then across my stomach to the left side of my body, then stand between my arm and my side. Sometimes it was like a plane coming in for a landing- if the approach wasn’t perfect, she would go around again until she was happy with it! Sometimes it took 3 rounds for her to feel she was in the right position. lol Once in the final position, I would put my hand up (which was about level with her butt), and she would let herself ‘fall’ over into my hand as I lowered her body slowly to the bed so that she was on her side facing my body. I would them cup her hind paws in my hand and she would push against my hand so that her face was in the right position to snuggle. She would then snuggle into my neck while kneading my neck and purring up a storm. We would both fall asleep like this. I miss this a lot!

Sheila – My min. schnauzer Satin and I were SO close. I rescued her from a horrible puppy mill (she was a mama breeding dog). She was in horrible shape, shaved down with heartworms and teets that hung to the ground from so many puppies. She turned into a gorgeous, happy dog. When she was older, she had some tumors appear that needed to be taken out. When I picked her up from the vet, I cried, I was so happy she was ok. She clung to my neck and wouldn’t let go and she was crying too. Then, as she was recovering, she was lying next to me and I squeezed her paw to let her know I loved her. She squeezed back! I loved her dearly, and I am looking forward to seeing her again in Heaven. Love and miss you, Satin girl!

Antoinette – The day I came home from vacation and my then 2 year old Cleo meowed in her ‘I missed you’ voice. It was a very soft meow. Melted my heart.

Mucka – I think mine would be coming home in warmer weather, when only the screen door would be closed, my Lhasa would be there waiting for me, and upon seeing me, starting pawing at the screen so fast, his paws were just a blur. Just really made you feel so good!!

Sissy – After just losing my wonderful husband to a massive heart attack, I found out a month later that our precious 8 yr old black kitty, Lonesome, had terminal cancer. The night before I was to take him to Auburn for possible chemo and radiation treatment, he was so weak he couldn’t stand and lay weakly beside me. Lying sleepless, quietly sobbing from missing my soul mate and now given a death sentence for his favorite kitty that slept always on his feet; I felt I just could not handle anymore. Feeling like Lonesome would not make it through that night, I whispered prayers to my God, begging him for strength to go on. Then I heard a soft little “meow” as Lonesome shakily stood up on my chest and then lay against my face very faintly purring to comfort me. I held him close till morning came and my sister drove us on the long trip to Auburn. With chemo and radiation, he was given 6 months to a year to live. I had our precious Lonesome for 6 more years, and treasure every minute and memory of that special kitty.

Rhonda – Ahhh my black GSD (Rocky) he is the biggest out of our shepherd’s (95lbs) he still to this day believes he is a lap dog. He is so shy that and sweet. He is afraid of thunderstorms and one night he crawled in between my honey and I and just shook as he tried to get under the covers for us to protect him.

Jackie – When I was a teen, I would walk/jog around our crop for exercise, it was 1 mile around, my 10 cats & kittens, and 1 dog and 5 puppies would come with me: I felt like the Pied Piper. Sometimes a cat or puppy would get to tired so I would pick them up and carry them back home.

Amarna – One night my grandpa had just died and my cat went on my bed and just sat there, next to me the whole night. I love her for doing that.

Dorothy – Walking in the Virginia woods in the spring.

Tracy – Ok one more; when I was 14 or so I had a black Maltese Poodle I name Peppi for some childhood reason. We were fast friends and almost every day he’d wait at the bottom of the long driveway for me to get off the bus. On weekends I’d saddle the horse and the 3 of us would take off for hours, just meandering through the back roads and woods of Washington. One day one of our cats had kittens. It wasn’t too many days later that I caught Peppi moving one kitten at a time to a ‘safer’ location. He was always such a love. I miss him dearly.

Charolette – If I tried to write the fond memories I have had with all my pets, I would end up writing a book. In my 67 years I have had lots of pets and let me tell you – all the memories were fond ones. I now have five cats and they make memories every day and fill my life with love.

Shelley – Luna!

Maria – I volunteered at a Humane Society and they came in and started taking kitties out because they were going to put them to sleep. I started yelling at them and got my landlord because she was in the other room cleaning cages. We talked them into letting me take all 8 cats home. I already had four but I wasn’t going to let them do this. All day they played together at my house and at bedtime each and everyone climbed into bed with me. They were all so happy and purring even the 4 I had before the 8. They were just so happy to be in a bed and not in metal cages. And to this day I have 12 cats in my bed every night… 7 years later.

Patricia – Ok when I was 8 I had a pet rabbit named prince charming because he was white and a boy. I couldn’t name him snow white so I named him prince charming… Anyhow one day I got up to make my self a sandwich so I went to the fridge took out t…he mayo, ham, lettuce, tomato and cheese. I also took a carrot, as my thoughts were I could give prince his carrot while I ate my sandwich and we could eat together. However, I couldn’t find prince in his box… I frantically looked for him all over. 5 or 10 mins later I was going to put everything back as I wasn’t sure I wanted one or two sandwiches. And voila… There in the bottom drawer was prince charming… Eating away at the carrots and other lettuce head in the drawer… I was so happy to see him… I hugged him and yesss that day he was my prince…

Chris – when I drove from Michigan to San Diego and back with just me and my Malachy Mini Dachshund! And how we played on the beach in Galveston, TX

Susan – My little Shih Tzu, Max, lost his left eye in November. It was the first time we were ever separated over night and when I went to pick him up from the vet hospital he was sooo excited to see me he almost jumped off the table to get to me.

Ken – Probably last night, when I picked up our new little Ellis, a formerly feral cat that has happily joined our family. She tucks her head under my chin, starts purring, and I feel the stress just go away. Her 4 kittens all found beautiful new homes…one friend took the “buddies” from the litter, and we trade updates…

Cheryl – although every one of my “babies” has given so many fond moments, I suppose one of the best ones would be of my long haired dachshund named Pretzel. When my daughter was young she would fall asleep with Pretzel wrapped in her arms and “fleegeling” Pretzels’ hair between her fingers.

Brenda – My Sister had a beagle (Lizzie) and a cat (Boots) who were friends and when boots took off for the weekend because there was a visiting dog for the weekend. We told Lizzie after boots had been gone for a few days to go get boots because the other dog had gone home and it was safe for boots to come home. About an hour later I came out of the house and across the field came Lizzie and boots coming home! That’s what I call friends!!!! (sure do miss them two animals)

Diana – Wow it has been three years now, I had a mastiff her name was Xana 140 lbs+ and a tabby cat his name was Stirling they have both passed now I miss them both so much. Xana was so large in caparison to Stirling but Stirling ran the house. We had a very small stairway Xana would always follow me from room to room even up the stairs but she could not turn around on the stairs she was to big and when ever Stirling would catch Zana coming down the stairs he would just sit at the bottom and hold poor Xana at bay eventually Xana would whine and I hear her and shoo Stirling away so Xana could come down the stairs. That cat tourched poor big ole Xana but one day as Xana was swing that big ole tail of hers Stirling could get out of the way in time an Xana’s big tail swooped Stirling across the room and he slid down the wall got up an shook it off as if to say what just happened? It was like watchin an episode of Tom & Jerry. No pet was seriously hurt during this episode, except for maybe a small loss of pride.

Pets Adored – I got Cricket (a chi) when I was 2 & every day for 10 yrs, she walked me down the long driveway to the School bus & met me at the end of our driveway when the bus dropped me off & she raced me home. She died when I was 16. Slept under my covers every night & hated everyone but me. We were “buds” … 35 yrs later, I still think of her.

Jaden – When I was really little and I was taking a bath, out little kitten came in and flashed this quick cat smile at me. I loved her so much but she died while still so young. :(

Nancy – I had gone to a bird breeder to pick out a cockatiel. I saw a beautiful one, but turns out she wasn’t for sale. Her baby was, however, so not only did I meet my new pet that day, I also met both of her parents. The day I brought Peeper (…named for her parents, Perry and Keeper) home was quite an experience. She liked to sit on shoes and sing, ride the dog and she enjoyed the heck out of spaghetti. She was with me for 13 years and I still miss her so much. Can’t even think of getting another, she made such an impact on me.


So tell us, what is your fondest pet memory!? And don’t forget to join our community of pet lovers on facebook!



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