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Share Your Story: Spanky

by recycler on November 2, 2013

Share Your Story Spanky

“Share Your Story” is a series where we feature your stories about the cutest pet in your life. We want to hear your pet’s story and what makes them special to you. Today’s “Share Your Story” comes from Rebecca G. in Crosby, TX.

I loved my little Spanky. I taught him to say “mama” and “I want some” because he was such a begger when we ate.

He used to love to go for a ride, but always had to be on our lap while we drove because he hated the back seat. That was fine when we had an automatic transmission, but we got a new car with a stick shift, so I didn’t feel comfortable with him on my lap.

One day, I had to pick up some medicine for my grandson. Spanky, of course, wanted to go too.  I put him in the back seat thinking he would get over his nervousness after a few minutes.  Well, he started barking and was shaking and just barked and barked until finally he said “I want some.”

I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.  I pulled over and put him on my lap, and I got over MY nervousness, and never put him in the back again.

Sadly, he is no longer with us, but I will never forget him and will love him until maybe, someday, we can be together again.  He was very, very special.

Don’t forget to “Share Your Story” as well and let us know what makes your furball special to you.



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