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Tara Harper From “Most Eligible Dallas” Talks About Her Dog Charity

by recycler on October 10, 2011

Last weekend, I helped out Star Watch Media on the red carpet of the inaugural American Humane Associate Hero Dog Award Show. Among the animal-loving celebrities present was Tara Harper from the Bravo television show Most Eligible Dallas.

Harper is a co-founder of the Paws In The City animal charity that helps rescue animals that are due to be euthanized at Dallas animal shelters. Here’s a deeper description from Harper’s personal website:

Paws In The City is an all volunteer organization with no paid staff. It’s mission is “to rescue dogs and cats from the City of Dallas shelter where they are being euthanized at a rate of almost 30,000 per year.” Since the organization’s grassroots beginning, it has grown from just a handful of volunteers to over 150. The number of pets that Paws In The City has helped is truly staggering with 100% of all money (raised) going directly to the care of the animals.

Harper talked about the awards show and about how Most Eligible Dallas has enabled her to promote the Paws In The City charity in the video below:

We still have a couple more videos to share with you this week. If you want to watch the broadcast of the Hero Dog Awards, the award show will be televised, in entirety, on Friday, November 11 on the Hallmark Channel.



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