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World Trade Center Guide Dog Roselle Wins 2011 Hero Dog Award

by recycler on October 4, 2011

Roselle was named the inaugural Hero Dog Award winner. (Photo from herodogawards.org)

Roselle, the seeing eye dog for Michael Hingson, was posthumously awarded with the inaugural American Human Association Hero Dog Award Saturday evening at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

Roselle probably expected September 11, 2001 to be just another day of service on the 78th floor of the World Trade Center’s Tower One.

Instead, Roselle went from being an everyday hero to an extraordinary hero when she and Hingson worked together to help lead others down 1463 stairs and out of the building after it was struck by the terrorist-hijacked American Airlines flight 11.

“We did it very much in large part because Roselle focused and just did her job of guiding down the stairs,” Hingson said Saturday night. “The miraculous part was with all the fear and all the concern people had on 9/11, she just focused and accepted commands and did what she had to do.”

Once on the street, Roselle began to calmly lead Hingson up Broadway. That was, until the duo heard the rumble of the tower collapsing behind them and began to be hit with debris.

“We were literally 100 yards from Tower Two when it collapsed,” Hingson said. “We had to run for our lives and again, she just focused and did everything that she needed to do to guide us safely. And we survived.”

Hingson has since gone on to do motivational speaking about teamwork and trust. He also told his and Roselle’s tale in the New York Times-bestseller “Thunder Dog.”

Roselle, unfortunately, passed away earlier this year, but Hingson continues to talk about her heroic efforts and bravery on that fateful autumn day.

Here’s what he had to say on the Hero Dog Awards’ red carpet Saturday night prior to Roselle being named as the 2011 Hero Dog Award winner (video courtesy of Star Watch Media):



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