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3 Best Supplements for Your Dog This Spring

by Kathryne on February 1, 2018

Winter weather may still be in effect, but spring is just around the corner! And with the transition from snow to blooms comes more playdays and seasonal changes for your pup. And just like us, different conditions call for different needs to be met. Many of our pets eat consistent diets of the same pet food day in and day out, and while consistency is good for their digestive systems, the same diet isn’t able to accommodate these different needs. That’s why at Recycler Pets, we stock a variety of nutritional supplements and products to help your furry loved one live their best life, no matter what tries to get in their way. Therefore we’ve compiled this list of essential spring must-haves:

  1. The Missing Link Pet Kelp Skin and Coat Formula

Pet Kelp Skin & Coat Powder (8 Ounce)Spring is one of the most beautiful times of year with all of the new blooms and growth after the rains, but just like many humans find this a difficult time of year for allergies, so can dogs. For many pets, this is easily the most itchy time of year as all of the pollen and other particles in the air can cause dry, flakey skin. That’s why Kelp is such a great supplement to combat this issue. Combined with flaxseed, this product offers the perfect 3:1 ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids for stronger, glossier coats and reduced skin irritation.

Regular Price: $17.99

Our Price: $13.99

Where to Buy: http://www.recyclerpets.com/pet-kelp-skin-coat-powder-8-ounce



2. The Missing Link Hip & Joint Formula

Ultimate Hip-Joint Dog (1LB)Warmer (and less cold and wet) weather finally means less time cooped up inside and more time frolicing outdoors! While our pups will happily seize the day and make the most of every moment, all that hard playing will take a toll on their bodies, but with the right nutrition we can help minimize the damage as they age. This formula contains a unique blend of vegetarian glucosamine, Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, dietary fiber, and phyto (plant) nutrients to promote optimal health and well-being This formula nutritionally supports healthy joints & flexibility, digestive system, immune system, skin & coat, sustained energy levels, & soft tissue, muscle, tendon & ligament function.

Regular Price: $34.19

Our Price: $27.99

Where to Buy: http://www.recyclerpets.com/missing-link-hip-joint-for-dogs-1-lb


3. Prebiotic Everyday

Probiotic Everyday (duck 3.17oz-30ct)Sometimes there is just no helping it: dogs will be dogs. And part of being a dog sometimes means eating mysterious items on the ground so fast that we their owners have no idea what they even just ate in the first place. Thankfully our pups’ tummies can handle quite a bit, but some are more sensitive to these foreign objects than others. One thing that is really helpful (and not just in the spring, by the way) to solve this problem is giving your dog live cultures of prebiotics. The good bacteria in the prebiotic will help cancel out the bad bacteria, improving both regularity and digestive function.

Regular Price: $22.45

Our Price: $17.99

Where to Buy: http://www.recyclerpets.com/probiotic-everyday-duck-317oz-30ct


Of course, there are so many amazing products out there with so many wonderful benefits, and these are only 3! To find more great finds at great prices, visit us at RecyclerPets.com!




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