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3 Cheap Cars for the 3 Day Weekend

by Kathryne on July 2, 2016

Most of us have been there at one point or another. Whether its to save a few bucks, snatch a ride in a pinch or add a beat-it-upper to the collection, cheap cars don’t need much of a sales pitch. For this Recycler.com blog post, we’re throwing 3 cheap cars (that run!) together across the nation to kickstart your search!


Cheap Car #1: Black 1990 Honda CRXcheapcar1

This car runs well, has a clean title, fresh Battery, new spark plug wires, filters, oil and hoses.

From Winnetka, CA

Asking price is $900




Cheap Car #2: Subaru Outback Wagon


If you’re into fixer-uppers, this car is a great option. Not
only has Subaru maintained years of a quality and safety reputation, but the standard 4-wheel drive gives you all-weather reliability.

From Johnstown, PA

This car is priced at $700 and needs a new head gasket.



Cheap Car #3: 1999 Mercedes S-Class 4-Dr SDN

Clicking on the above link will give you much more details on this car fcheapcar4rom the original Recycler.com ad, but you can see from the photo that this classic style car makes a nice ride for the price.

Hey, just because you’re looking for a cheap car doesn’t mean you don’t have standards, right?

This car is located in Chicago, IL.

Asking price is $990.


And as always, if these cars aren’t to your preference or match your location, you can always hunt for cheap cars yourself on the Recycler.com!



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